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Veep Season 4 Review.

Veep seems to be cracking at seams this season. Apart from evoking riotous laughs here and there the degraded quality of script is rather apparent. A tendency to shock and awe by getting more and more ludicrous didn’t work, for it sells short the essence of Veep, i.e Unapologetically clever quick fire layered high-brow humor. I loved the Season 1 and 3 for this special brand of Genius. Now it’s just a good sitcom with much slapstick.

Since Selina Meyer is president now her A-team revs up the intensity and frequency of colossal fuckups even more. The shortcomings of monochrome characters would stare right at any discerning viewer. They’re getting old and predictable, their desperation quite obvious in over-the-top attempts at “shocking” moments. Only if they would’ve toned down the exuberance a little and worked more on the witty script which is the selling point of the Veep.

Praise God for Hugh Laurie was there as Tom james the new Veep from the 6th episode onwards, uplifting the failing premise single-handedly. Those who are unaware of his god-tier charm check out the review of House season 1, 2, 3 or 4. Just his presence is enjoyable and the whole cast of Veep acknowledges it quite often on the screen in a Meta way. They were thinking that inclusion of Laurie would make this season bearable and maybe that’s why they slacked on everything else.

Even at its worst Veep is far better than generic sit-coms and a political satire as good as any but the season 3 has propelled it in the race for Greatness and this season find it lacking in the Avant grade Grit. I sense that the forthcoming seasons are going to be along the similar caliber, the peek has passed. I would watch them anyway and hope for it to return to the paces for when Veep is in its element there is nothing like it.

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