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Veep Season 3 Review.

Veep season 3 nails it in the annals of perfection. Nails it so hard and so deep that all the wildest sexual references can’t even begin to justify the layers and layers of greatness Jam-Packed in every episode of Veep this season. They’ve managed to strike the perfect balance between “uppity” high-brow humor from season 1 and the uproariously hilarious crassness of the second season while upping the ante even further. There is nothing like it as far as satire and comedy goes. I've just picked few screenshots on random, for i was spoilt for choice.

The way they’ve managed to tickle both - the tasteful intellectual and the regular shit-com muncher is nothing sort of genius. The script is such an overkill that when you’re losing your shit in a hysterical fit many subtle jokes just sneak by. It took me three viewings, each time was equally if not more exhilarating than the previous to uncover all the layers of subtexts. You should read this in-depth analysis of Fargo to know what I mean by subtext layering. I wanted to do such a long critical analysis of Veep as well but it would be lost on everyone without the narrative backup of season 1 and 2.

Seriously after this season I can’t think a single reason why Veep isn’t a mainstream success such as breaking bad or game of thrones. The sheer re-watch potential combined with the most organically synchronized performances and the resulting incessant humor hitting every possible note ever so often is a masterpiece worthy of reverence. I repeat, not a single line is filler; not a single second is wasted. It’s perfect moment to moment, whatever you see is there for a reason. There is a certain ester egg waiting to be found in each frame and if you can’t figure out; well, jokes on you.

I’ve not much to say for the theme is fairly consistent, plus as I’ve pointed in the review of first season there is no heft on the major-plot element. It is not about what is happening as much as how. So, yeah the whole plot can be summarized as Selina Meyer and her team completely fucks up their Presidential campaign one colossal fuck up at a time but she gets to be the POTUS anyway in the last episode via ridiculous happenstance. Yippe ka yay motherfucker. Just watch it already, if the season 4, and 5 could manage to be just as good I’m going to start a campaign of my own spreading far and wide the glory of Veep.

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