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Veep Season 2 Review.

As a stand-alone political satire veep season 2 is as good as any but in the light of unbelievably great season 1 it stands marginally lacking in wit, the trademark incessant highbrow humor and the general casualness of the predecessor. This season is more politics heavy while using the relaxed script to introduce new characters and develop completely the present ones.
vice president selina meyer radiating wisdom about stimulantscontinuity of the same scene from veep season 2
The shit-about-shit references which I enjoy and appreciate a lot are dime a dozen but they’re crasser most of the time, while the intelligent jokes are too dry. So, either it gut punches you with slapstick which is quite hilarious or it amuses itself with allegorical dry wit. Though it seems like I’m bashing it, just so you know I watched all the 10 episodes twice. I do watch my favorite shows multiple times but never so frequently.
continuity of the same scene from veep season 2
There a few really great episodes like the 5th and 6th but overall it’s a downgrade from season 1. Some characters which are unbridled fun to watch are Jonah the west wing “liaison”, Roger Furlong the insult machine, and Finland’s Prime Minister Mina the droolworthy milf. Selina Meyer continues her impressionable and uber-animated performance which is a treat in on itself.
roger the authentic insult geniuscontinuity of the same scene from veep season 2
If you recall from season 1 that I said it’s inaccessible for casual viewers, well the weak reception made them “try” to make season 2 more in-tune with the type of humor accessible by majority of the audience and in that endeavor made the show just a better than average dramedy (drama + comedy) which reflects greatly in the rankings (ranked quite higher than season 1). Majority did appreciate it more. Though, i would've loved to see the unique brand of genuis continue.

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