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Veep Season 1 Review.

Veep is an unapologetically Great show, though quite inaccessible on casual viewing. From the incessant uber-high-brow humor to the layers of provocative subtext to the alarmingly accurate character study and spellbinding animated performances, Veep has it all. When a show has everything desirable and yet it gets relatively weak reception, my heart sinks a little.
senator explaining the interconnectedness of major industriescontinuity of the same scene from veep season 1
continuity of the same scene from veep season 1
Friday night lights comes to mind when thinking about underwhelming response to a great overall show, Veep’s lack of mainstream appeal is even more outrageous considering it has everything anyone can ask for. The production value is top-notch, the casting absolutely fitting, the script is so sublimely intellectual yet raunchy that you admire and chuckle at it simultaneously. Every actor just nails their parts, the center of it all, the Vice-President played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus is exceptionally vivacious and competent as an actor.

Almost everyone assumes a show about politics/white-house wizardry has to be along the lines of House of cards these days. A narcissism fueling guilt-free entertaining drama where the dominant plot arch subsumes everything and everyone with enough scintillating stuff to keep us wanting more. Veep has a distinctive approach, it’s not about what’s happening as much as the individual moments which make it happen. It’s scintillating and perfect almost every second while the major plot takes a back-seat. Kudos to the writers for not a single line is a filler. They never run of whickedly clever things to say.

The only fault I can find in the first season is that it didn’t last long enough. Veep has so much material, it’s so jam-packed with perfection in those 8 episodes that they could’ve easily extended into 16 “block-buster” ones and gaining more popularity and mainstream love in the process. Hope they can maintain the ingenuous premise while being outrageously fun in the following seasons which i'm yet to watch.

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