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The Good Wife season 1 Review.

Why it is always that I’ve so much to say about mediocre shows. Check out Flash for example. Now the good wife has so much going on for it and yet it fails to create a lasting impact. Such conundrum demands a closer scrutinization of the nuts and bolts of the show to find out where things got awry. Guess I answered my own question; as an objective reviewer you can only bow down and acknowledge the greatness of the Greats. Picking out on flaws is rather convenient on the other hand.

note - i don't have many screenshots so i would be providing milfs for there is a preponderance of em' in the good wife. The first thing you would notice about the good wife is the uber-high production value and by production value I mean swanky offices, endless skyscrapers, lots of Ariel shots of Chicago horizon and well-dressed gentlemen and ladies strutting around running the world doing important stuff. Now I don’t despise such elitist charade, matter of the fact I enjoy it. For example “Suits” and “White Collar” has the same vibe going on but the characters are so interesting and believable that you crave them for what they are and not for their fancy attire and elitist lifestyle.

The good wife on the other hand has a rather dull roster. Forget supporting characters (judges being the exception), not even the leads have anything more to show than the script has in for them. It’s some pastel-colored bullshit if you ask me. There is no edge, no grit and hence no charm or unique appeal at all. Even after 22 episodes I can’t make myself like anyone of them or root for their “stories” simply because they’re rigid drones most of the time. No one stands out, it’s all an eerie blur of watchable puppets.

It’s a shame really considering how smart and fast-paced the script is while dialogues are there, the overall pace is crawling though. With competent actors or a director who cared about performances at the disposal this show had the potential to redefine law procedurals. The nuances of Judiciary is portrayed realistically and the law is given the heft it deserves. The Judges are so feisty and witty that they don’t seem to belong in this show; all of them. They’re the starts and make the good wife enjoyable during their small yet remarkable screen time.

Another thing that pops out is the annoying monotonous background score. It’s like a serenade for middle-aged wives which keeps going on and on and on in every episode. Though it aims to have a soothing effect it only manages to bore, really. Coming to the cases, though they’re not cliché ridden they solve themselves – the pieces fall together almost too conveniently. There is some powerful stuff here and there along with some logical loopholes. It doesn’t take itself seriously, though it should.

I think I know why they made it so dull, its popular television. Daily soap opera if you will, which can be watched without utmost attention to details and having a semblance of the larger plot development is enough to evoke sympathy and for the good looking characters going through turmoil. Funny how it has some powerful stuff too especially after the 10TH episode. Which would be lost on the targeted audience and is too sporadic for critical acclaim. Watch it for the off-the-hook judges, few mildly interesting characters like Eli gold and kalinda sharma, and the numeorus MILFs (if you're into them). I would check season 2 maybe.

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