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Stranger Things season 1 review

Though I don’t start watching any series unless two seasons are already in and both are exalted by overenthusiastic mainstream reviewers. Plenty of times I have to check in between because of the surrounding hype and the promising premise on first look. Stranger things is one such show, I can reluctantly concur that it’s worth the hype. Almost everything about this one is cool, here I’m not using the word cool as a generic label for “good shit”. It is cool in every sense of that term. From the cool color palate used in the cinematography and post processing, to the uber-cool electronic background score, calm and collected characters with a sense of ease even in the freakiest moments.

It basically throws you into the retro coolness of 80s while keeping the pace exciting enough to keep you hooked. A true homage to the glorious era of Sci-Fi, the art was perfected back then not much tinkering is needed. Though the biggest strength of stranger things i.e being true to retro theme keeps it from achieving greatness for many avoidable tropes are inculcated. If it wasn’t for my overtly critical views on logical fallacies in a sci-fi show I would have given it the ratings same as everyone else.

Flickering lights, fumbling hands when THAT thing is approaching these are the staple of suspense-horror genre. Stranger things is very light on the horror and heavy on the drama emanating from nerdy sweetheart kids. They are strange “weirdos” for the mainstream society and stranger things start happening to them and then they find a supernaturally “weird” girl, El, who helps them into containing all this weirdness. There are fresh faces and the performances are believable, nothing extraordinary though. They could have used better script for its too utilitarian. There is no grit, wit or charm in it.

Now coming to the good things, the cinematography is top notch. Very serene, cinematic and captivating. The background score is phenomenal! Really, one of the best ever. There are no filler moments and the plot progresses with authority. Incredibly detailed re-creation of the 80s era, from the getups to the way people carried themselves to the atmosphere and everything in between screams good-ol’ times. If it wasn’t for some logical imperfections and those clichés straight from the bygone era stranger things would be rated much higher at-least in my books. There is an interesting plot-hook in the closing moments for the second season. I’ll bite.

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