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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 review

SOA is famed for its slow burning dark dramatic tone, season 3 though isn’t even burning, it only seeths in the opening episodes. The trademark Jaw-dropping cliffhangers continue to build up the anticipation for the next episode, though now I can assertively comment that Sons of Anarchy is an acquired taste. You don’t love it at the first sight, you love it with enough exposure to its peculiar brand of dark charm and all the other praiseworthy traits mentioned in the Season 1 review.

What I didn’t like is the too much shit figuring going on in the first few episodes, I mean, they are outlaws, right. The outlaw life is about not giving a fuck and living life by holding it via collar and tumbling along through wilderness. Outlaws doing soul-searching and deep introspections is somewhat out of place, especially when compared to how casual the earlier seasons were.

This is the season where sons of anarchy establishes itself as a pure breed heavy-handed pitch black drama. Even the humor is majorly sadistic and a somber undercurrent pervades throughout. The fire fights and physical confrontations are still one of the best in tv business i.e for action aficionados SOA delivers. Some of the moments can legitimately well up your tears and other can provide a quick adrenaline fix.

There are some out of place shenanigans of sexual nature, just like I pointed out in the Season 2. They’re hard to swallow in the emotionally heavy premise of this season. Some characters come into their own, most striking development is seen in Gemma Taylor. She is an A-rated bitch but now she is a force to reckon with, especially in the closing episodes of season 3. Also the Priest Kellan Ashby is a powerful presence and a captivating one to watch.

For the uninitiated, that is those who haven’t started on SOA, ya’ll can skip this show without missing on much, those with mild or severe lack of attention span would not get anything out of SOA irrespective of the season. Those who are along the ride, season 3 has the most twists and turns in the mix for you, and as said earlier with most monumental developments in the plot this season is a must watch for fans. I for one enjoyed more the fun and poignant earlier seasons. I might watch the fourth, I might skip.


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