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House M.D Season 3 review

Season 3 is a let-down, both as a stand-alone show and in the shadow of almost perfect second season. There is this prevailing notion in tv show business that if you won’t evolve season by season audience would jump bandwagons. House went from brutally clever in season 1 to hilarious and emotionally captivating in the second to a generic shock mongering, forcing emotional subplots down our throats in the third.
cameron caring for everyone. scene from house md season 3cameron getting morally outraged. scene from house md season 3
Hugh laurie is hugh laurie even in a lackluster plot he is watchable. The wit is missing substantially though, think getting shot in the 2nd season caught up to him or the writers of the third want to free roll on the reputation of the first and second in one of his bright moments. scene from house md season 3house being house, one funny bastard. scene from house md season 3
He explains a lot in this one, I pointed out in the first season review that it was almost too academic for mainstream viewers, so they cut on the science in the second and compensated with outrageous situational humor. Third season on the other hand lacks in both and is a “drama” through and through.

house explaning the basics of philosophy. scene from house md season 3house explaning the basics of philosophy. scene from house md season 3house explaning the basics of philosophy. scene from house md season 3 The lack of research peeks through in the medical cases they encounter, almost always too contrived and unreal. It’s like the rarest of the rare infinitesimally probable conditions are included just for the novelty’s sake. Unlike the second season where patients had personality quirks and characters, the patients in season 3 are as good as dead, literally. They die like flies.

Season 3 has a strong undercurrent of justifying relationships as the ultimate solace from the drudgery of life. “Doctors are alone and they need rings on their fingers”, melancholic anticipatory love songs playing in the background more often than not. Everyone is trying to score a stable relationship and love. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, except if wanted to see such things we would tune into “how I met your mother” or the like.

Dr Cuddy and her supposedly “gigantic” ass are a prominent force in season 3, not that I’m complaining, I’ve always had a thing for milfs. The stretch of episodes 12 to 16 are better than the rest, decent cases with nerve-racking pace. Rest of the episodes are either sensationalist or too slow. Yawwnnnn.
I don’t know if I’m going to watch the season 4 or not. Maybe I would check some reviews over the internet first, why there’s not an objective and critical review when we need one. Oh wait, we have

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