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House M.D Season 2 review

Guess what, most of the episodes surpass even the first season on a whole. It’s funnier, again; not in a sitcom-ish way. I found myself chuckling for minutes on some scenes. The writing and situational comedy are simply unparalleled. Season 2 has a more humane side to it too, Science and the brutal wit is there, of course, along with much more emotionally charged plot and performances.
dr house being dr house! no one wants to check out seeping gonorrhea close to lunch!
In the season 1, the subordinates of Dr. House, the characters of Dr. Chase, Dr. Foreman, and Dr. Cameron were just appealing accessories but the season 2 emphasizes on developing them uniquely in multifaceted ways.
dr foreman talking about screwing white people by living long enough to collect social security continuity of the same scene from house md It’s more entertaining and unpredictable that way. Only if a weak patch of few episodes weren’t there, I would’ve totally counted House M.D season 2 as one of the Greats.
They also fixed that predictable and illogical pattern of botching few diagnoses and failed treatment before finally knowing what's wrong from the first season. Now, the illnesses are more grievous and they elude until the closing moments. That makes a lot more sense and results in nerve-racking race against time thingy. Kudos.
house sharing his wisdom about brain/crotch problems. if you got a crotch rot, use it less. use brains more! There is still that nagging every patient going into stroke, seizures and Intubation thing, though. I may be hair splitting here but the better something is more fierce is the criticism.
Hugh Laurie's(House) acting palate has such range and finesse that he can make you well up tears and laugh hysterically at the next moment. Pure Genius.
dr chase complaining about getting trated like crap from dr househouse speaks like a genuis he is, explaning the relativity of crap Did I tell you that he rides a CBR 1000RR Repsol Fireblade in this one? His sex appeal and charm is the obvious selling point but you got to watch the women in season 2 as well, each of them is attractive even more so than the leads. From the patients to their families every Female is an exotic beauty in this one. Eye Candy overload.
dr cameron looking as lovely as a gift wrapped angel
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