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House M.D Season 1 review

House is surprisingly good and ahead of its time. It’s elusive of genre classifications, writing is brutally clever, and the subtexts are racy!

You can’t classify it as a drama because there is no dominant main story arch, the lives and the ensuing “drama” of Dr. House and his staff are always on the slow-burners while the episodes focus on a new patient with hard-to-diagnose illnesses. You can’t classify it as a sitcom either because it’s too smart and mature for a sitcom.

The repartee going on all the time between House and everyone else is witty, fast paced and extremely amusing. He is a misanthrope, after all, the sheer “hate” propels him to prove everyone wrong!

Compared to other medical procedurals, House is more meticulous, insightful and sensible as a show. You’ll learn new things and enjoy it even more if you’ve some basic medical knowledge to begin with; nothing textbookish, just frantic self-diagnosis on internet experience will do. It’s not always perfect, though. They botch too many diagnoses before hitting it right, hence leaving the patient in more misery than he came with.
That’s understandable considering House and his team deal with elusive conditions exclusively, but in half of the episodes, you can see that their approach isn’t smart for doctors of their stature or they’re being too careless. Yet in some of the episodes Houses' wisdom really shine through and you wish all the real life doctors were just as proficient as him.

It goes without saying that the main attraction of the show is Dr. House himself. Incredibly charming and oozing with sex appeal. no wonder the cutest girls court him. Not only he but his whole team is a treat to watch. The show has a je ne sais quoi binge appeal. Maybe because there aren’t any dull moments and the edgy appeal of life vs death situations. I haven’t grown tired after 18 episodes and plan to watch the 2nd season as well. Definitely worth watching for the sheer entertainment & educative value.

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