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Friday Night Lights Season 3 Review.

Yeah, I was dead on right calling the Season 2 a tease and edge session for the good things to come. It backfired though, no one likes the second season of Friday night lights. Die-hard fans might say it was a palate cleanser after the unbelievably good First One. Let me tell you straight ahead, season 3 surpasses the season 1 in its own game and then accomplishes some more.
buddy garrity being the true republican american that he is.buddy garrity being the true republican american that he is.
no dumb cowboy needs silence to watch naked women.
They’ve left no stones unturned for making a comeback and what a comeback is that. The first thing you would notice is the inclusion of humor, earlier seasons lacked that unless you count slapstick as humor. Partly because of its almost half-length of 13 episodes as compared to the first one, there is no holding back in season 3. It just flows forcefully, glistering in its element, surefooted in its premise and setting new benchmarks of social-commentary and intellectual realism while being addictively fun.
the chasm of small towns and the big apple.dillon's star is merely a worm in the New York
The football (or shall I say American Eggball) is back to satisfaction, to be honest beyond expectations. I’ve never seen such thrilling matches in high-budget Hollywood flicks. They’ve really focused on providing ample screen time for strategy, technicality and that heroic element that goes with sports. Good god gracious the simultaneous screenplay is back. Those who are new to this concept; simply put: when every episode is about everyone. Every story and by extension every individual, gets equal screen-time, just like in real life.

Unlike the other narcissism fueling shows, where there are few or one main character and everyone else is an accessory, a prop. I wrote at length about this in the Fargo Analysis. Best thing is that it all happens simultaneously in Friday night lights, barring the exception of the subpar second season. It’s incredible to experience such directorial and screenplay perfection. Every character is equally fascinating and starkly different and yet so authentic that I feel like I know them better than I’ve known anyone in real life. TEXAS FOREVER BABY! GO PANTHERS!!
beta boys worship goddess mindy in her temple, where dirty laundry airs aesthetically.
Over enthusiastic fanatic rant aside, seriously; show Frida night lights to your kids before it’s too late. They’ll learn about life, relationships, and the world we live in more than any book and you combined can teach them. This is the kind of TV that molds angsty teens into upstanding citizens free from psychological issues. One of the primary criteria which makes any form of mass media truly great.

I know I’ve praised the season one for the exceptionally great performances throughout by everyone. Well, they’ve just got better, even Lyla garrity has got better. Actors or shall I say, the real people in Friday Night Lights even match the ascending gurgles in each other’s voice while talking enthusiastically. When actors match each other, not only in the facial nuances and body language but also in the pitch and modality of voices, then you know they’re working on the same frequency. Then you know, they’re one.

I can say it out loud, Friday night lights season 3 has the best chemistry between characters, and some of the finest individual performances of all the shows or movies I’ve seen. Period. They’re practically living their characters. The emotions are true, the depiction of social-dynamics is scrutinized to minute perfection. It’s Great, one of the Greats. Just watch it already YA’LL!! .

I might do an in-depth analysis of this season, just like the one of Fargo s01, another truly great one. 9.5/10.
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