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Friday Night Lights Season 2 Review.

Now I know the real reason behind the lagging mainstream popularity of Friday night Lights on a whole. It’s strangely basic and melodramatic second season, poking our eyes even more in the light of the almost perfect First one. What they sustained for 23 episodes in the First season, they could only manage to get close in the “best” episodes of the total 15 in the second one.

It’s kind of a drag, really. Takes too much time to advance plot a little, also the simultaneous storytelling is sorely missed. Now the episodes focuses solely on individual characters and their “feelings”. There is no emphasis on the dynamics or the bigger picture which led to those feelings. Who has got time for a stupid angsty teenage girl chasing around boys because there’s nothing “wrong” with her boyfriend.
matt being as smooth as ever.continuity of the same scene from friday night lights season 2

There are murders, there are petty crimes, Tornados, team rivalries and classic “misunderstandings”. Basically everything spicy and clichéd except the things that actually made the First season Lovable. Heck, there isn’t any decent Football game for pete’s sake. Coach Taylor’s family is in the spotlight in this one. We get to see too much of their drama, the same drama we all face usually in our day-to-day lifes.
priase those glorious boobs

Now Friday night lights season 2 is a fine show, above average in every aspect but it is all relative you know. Everything is judged in respect of what came before it or after. The superb cast is still there, the performances still captivating yet it lacks the genuine insightful interconnectedness of the First. Maybe they’re edging us again for a Great upcoming season, just like they did in the First one but on an episodic scale; it’s too soon to tell. One thing I’m sure about, though. As an anthology the first season could’ve gained cult status.

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