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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Review.

While other shows use the first season as a stepping stone, Friday Night Light’s first season is a definite and defining one, complete in on itself. One of those rare, consistently good shows which without aspiring for Greatness nudges too close and too often with it. The chasm between its feeble mainstream popularity and critically acclaimed status amuses me, considering how Entertaining and accommodating the show really is.

On a quick glance the premise seems to be revolving around only Football, Jocks being Jocks and love-stricken/heart-broken Girls falling for them. The abundance of too many horrible sports movies is a possible reason for driving away uninterested prospective viewers from Friday night lights. Never knock anything off before you try it! I’m glad I started watching the lengthy and thoroughly enjoyable season 1 and I’m here to tell why.

One of the most admirable feature is the scope of the show, how large the plot roster is. Kudos to the writing department for juggling so many simultaneous plot lines and doing justice to each one of them. A whole town rooting for a football team, the team and their friends and family, everything is just so naturally vivid and balanced. The dynamics of small-town relationships is portrayed to minute perfection. You can’t help but feel that you’re also a part of the Dillon town. GO PANTHERSS!!!

Another great thing about Friday Night Lights is the balanced male : female ratio whether in screen time or character development. No one is an accessory, every story matters and is equally fascinating.

There is always so much going on in each episode without shoving shock mongering moments or forced twists and turns in our faces. Friday Night Lights succeeds in making a “touchdown” on life itself; what could be more fascinating than a life lived to the fullest! Such a mature and all-encompassing perspective on life and relationships is what makes it nudge with Greatness.
Powered by surprisingly accomplished performances by everyone in the show except Lyla garrity; bolstered by up-close and personal cinematography, Friday Night Lights is one hell of a captivating experience. I mean really, acting doesn’t get finer than this especially from such young cast. If you make a list of shows capable of making cynics feel for the characters, this will make the list. Guess I’ve praised it enough.

Now, let’s get familiar with what tackled Friday Night lights rendering it incapable of making a 10/10 touchdown. There is too much football in the start and too little as the end approaches, almost frustrating wanting to see more of the team and how they managed to win that game but No, let’s fast forward to the last moments without showing how they got there! When thing start to really get going intense and nerve-racking, it slows down abruptly; almost as if the show is “Edging” us, or making room for justifying the 22 episode length (all the other seasons are 16 episode long). There are far too many patch-ups and break-ups are going on. They overdid this bit or maybe teens do just that, after-all we are just as good as our relationships. Closing up the nit-picking now, I must say I can’t hold anything alarming against Friday Night Lights and i'm looking forward to watch the second season. You should too.

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