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The Flash Season 1 Review

23 episodes of 45 mins whew.. I’m a fan of DC comics and such, so I had to watch it. Mildly disappointed; It’s a generic plot-hole ridden cliché fiesta! From the very first pilot episode, I couldn’t avoid noticing the gaping logical errors and beaten to death plot-line.

Vengeance which is driven by parental calamity. Check. “Scientific” experiment gone wrong leading to superpowers. Check. One-sided love with best friend. Check. Too many girls, one superhero. Check. None of those girls are even semi-hot, though. Our hero just have to go on every crime scene. Check.

barry just has to go! a scene from the flash fitting the context of this review
Not to mention, a show based on science and "stuff" gets science so wrong on so many levels. Our nerdy hero utters that e=mc^2 is the formula for KINETIC ENERGY! Wow. That happen in the 4th episode and I felt done with the show then and there. I believe any form of mass media has a moral responsibility to get basic facts right. Kids learn from what they see more than from what they read.

the flash aka barry gets simple science totally horribly wrong. a scene from the flash tv show.continuity of the same scene Let’s look at some logical blunders. In the first episode, before discovering his powers barry(the flash) performs an intricate maneuver of cuffing a criminal trying to draw a gun without anyone seeing it. Dope. But just the next minute he struggles so much to even run straight at the same speed and crashes here and there in the process of getting a hang of his lightning fast speed.

In the 2nd episode, a self-replicating villain botches an assassination of his "prime" target by only making three copies of himself, and those three were enough to beat the shit-out-of Flash but later even thousands of them are no match to Barry! In the 3rd, a meta-human who can transform back-and-forth into cyanide gas on his will can easily dodge punches of the FASTEST MAN ALIVE just like that. Poof. Also, consider the fact that, Flash can dodge bullets but he can’t dodge punches on the other hand. Some might say”Hey! Only his legs are fast!” sadly, he uses his lightning fast hands to centrifuge some lab samples and he shakes his head fast enough to conceal his identity by blurring it relative to his stationery body. So, is he fast or not?

And then there is this weird fella on the Barry’s team of “good people”, who on discovering any malicious and hostile meta-human goes like “SO COOOL!!!” ugh. weird nerd who fights crime but gets wet for criminals. a scene from the flash tv show. fitting the context of this review
You can watch it for the top-notch VFX and CGI, though. Background score is good, especially in the tight and thrilling sequences. Dr. Wells is an interesting character accentuated by riveting acting. Almost all the actors perform decently but nothing spectacular, the girls aren't even hot. I may or may not watch the rest of the 19 episodes.
(update: i did watch next 3 episodes, they're equally mediocre".

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