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Community season 3 review

The best season of community hands-down. Hell, one of the best seasons of any sit-com ever. Take the decent consistency of community season 1 and the brilliantly potent script of first few episodes from season 2, add poised direction with lots of subtext in the script and you get the admirably consistent and gut-busting hilarious season 3. It couldn’t have been better.

The Greendale 7 aka the seven twisted individuals around whom the community is woven are more surefooted of their identities and make us relate to them on some banana-pants crazy level. Everyone has a distinctive voice this season, we get to know more about the characters than the previous seasons combined. The real "star" of this season is Chang though, do you think bat-shit crazy is the craziest shit gets, meet chang-shit crazy in this season and be spolied for life.

They’ve got rid of the meta-crap and the repeated jokes from the second season. Every episode is fresh, eminently enjoyable on its own with top-notch script and more sensibly restraint direction. It’s a much more balanced season where the content is so good that they dialed down the pace a little. No need to make bad jokes fly past us, because there are no bad jokes.

Community is community, I can’t say anything new that hasn’t been said in the review of season 1. Season 3 is just better, more consistent, funnier, and more mature in and out. This is the season which encapsulates whatever community stands for, season 3 defines the “community” as a show. The greatest praise I can give any sit-com is that it has strong repeated viewing potential.

I’ll be watching re-runs of season 3 episodes here and there for years to come. If anyone wants to taste community, season 3 is the crème de la crème of what it has to offer. Since i'm wrappping this review short, i want to declare the annoyance Jeff Winger's physique causes me. Am i the only one noticing the weird pecs? The lower part sure looks weird, either it's an implant or he spent too much time on the decline bench press dock. Looks even more unsightly paired with those non existent traps and puny arms.

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