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Community season 2 review

Community season 2 has a remarkably great start, the first few episodes are pure gold. If there were a list to be prepared for the greatest sit-com episodes ever, the second episode of this season would be in the top three if not at the top of that list. I was so stoked up after these opening episodes that I sat through all of the 24 in one go. Yeah, 20 minutes each, that’s 8 hours straight of good ol’ marathon.

Seriously, the first few episodes have an entirely different approach than the community we know from Season 1. There is a lot of sensibility, the long plot arches are far reaching and the ensued hilarity is even more tumultuous. It’s pure genius managing such wicked humor while having a somber undercurrent all along which is quite intellectual for a sit-com. Not that sit-coms are stupid, they just don’t need to be poignant or carry a larger message.

Good things doesn’t last longer, the greatest moments are even more short-lived. After the 5th episode it’s a circle-jerking fiesta of Meta and inside jokes. Even the fumbling season 1 looks consistent in the comparison. They’ve overplayed this Meta card so much and so often and so shamelessly that it gets downright toxic. Yeah, being meta about being meta about being meta is not smart, neither funny. Almost all of the episodes feature this super-superimposed meta crap in one form or another.

If you recall how I pointed out that the break-neck speed is the strongest suite of community, how stale and subpar jokes just fly by before you have time to start cursing yourself for watching this. Well, if it wasn’t for that addictive pacing I wouldn’t have sat through the end. Also the characters are so off the hook weird that you get some outrageous humor if not some wit out of them. The character of Abed though, is the only relief sometimes, i'm certain almost all of the fan-base "community" has surrounds him.

It marginally improves in the 13th episode but then again sinks in a mess of repeated jokes which aren’t funny anymore. The repeated situations, and some repeated jokes on those repeated situations and then repeating all of this in flashback montage is not Meta guys, it’s just lack of creativity mocking itself. Or maybe they’re mocking us? See how good are we initially and then hope for that magic to happen again and we won’t give you that ever. That we will see.

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