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Community season 1 review

Community is as twisted as its premise of individuals forming a community in a community college, who are largely perceived as losers in the non-community-college communities. Like that makes any sense! Their weird but insightfully clever shenanigans have grown on me in the 25 fast paced episodes of 20 minutes length. Being a well done sit-com, it does makes you laugh uproariously in some of its finest moments.

It has a shaky start with too many obvious jokes and references, maybe to reel in dumber audience or shall I say, a larger demographic which is just a euphemism for dumb majority. I can’t help it guys, community fever is ON. My initial impression was that it’s a dumb show pretending to be smart but what I found out after the 7th episode is that community is an intelligent, ironic, metaphorical and hilariously self-aware show.

Kudos to the self-awareness done right, unlike the lazy attempt by Deadpool this year. One thing that no one can miss on enjoying are the ludicrously creepy characters almost talking creepiness to the level of perfection and causing amazement in the process. It’s fascinating seeing such a peculiar take on the clichéd characters from other sit-coms. The best thing about community is the break-neck speed, even when the jokes are stale and the episode is subpar, it gets over before you can start cursing yourself for watching it.

And when it’s downright gut-busting hilarious the blazing pace helps it even more, you keep laughing and laughing and it gets over like a high lasting just short of what you wanted, you crave the next fix, you crave the next episode like an addict who might end up in a community college like all these “losers” who end up enjoying their time at it while you bust your ass for the next accomplishment or just simply, not to fail. DUH!

In an ideal world all the episodes were THAT good I would happily give it a solid 9, but the overall quality dwindles quite much in the closing episodes and the starting wasn’t delightful either as mentioned earlier, Great thing is now you know it has half of the episodes deserving 9 on my very strict and critical scale, so yeah watch it if not for anything else then just for the Genius that is Abed. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Eager to watch the second season, will be back with an equally awesome review soon.

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