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Lifting Motivation Volume 2.

This the second volume of 10 hand picked tracks for lifting/workout motivation. Even after hundreds of hours with them, their stimulating potential hasn't diminished. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are legendry in their own right. Just 10 songs you should add in your workout playlist, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Mad Desire - Cygnosic Genre - Electronic
Tight and powerful multilayered beats with grunty vocals are enough to keep the blood pumping. Great inclusion of piano later to stave off repetitiveness. Works even better with the voice-over of Calum Von Moger the second vid

Enter Sandman - Metallica Genre - Heavy Metal
If this can't get you to lift tons of shit up nothing will. The harsh, almost angry vocals enforces the atmosphere even more. The intro is iconic and the solo from 2:40 is devastating.

Shut em Down - LL cool J Genre - Rap
Never realized ll cool j can rap that fast in such a sober pitch. This is a song of anticipation, when you're anticipating killing the next set shut em down will pump you up good. Them bit_hes getting their freaks on in the video like they're on amphetemines is hillarious, though.

Peace Sells - Megadeth Genre - Thrash Metal
Another gem of thrash metal with consistently powerful rhythm and angry vocals. Known for starting the "extreme metal" scene, it's as extreme as extreme can get considering the fact that after 2:25 peace sells picks a pace outdoing itself or any song for that matter.

Pump it - Black Eyed Peas Genre - Rap Rock?
Oh boy, no other song is so rathcet and so dope at the same time. The whole song is bout' turning it up pumping it up blasting it up LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER.

Hot for Teacher - Van Halen Genre - Hard rock
I challange you to find a song with stronger intro drum than "hot for teacher". F_ck electronically synthesized "rapid" dark trance beats, this is da shizz. Then there's perfect sarcastic lyrics followed with vicious riffs.

Till i Collapse - Eminem Genre - Rap
The sheer motivational pull in the vocals is enough to get anyone going, it is eminem afteall. Combined with the thumping bass and fitting lyrics till i collapse maintains stimulating rhythm throughout.

Die mother-fucker die - Dope Genre - Alternative Metal
Earphones advised or blast in a "tolerant" room. Apart from telling mother fuckers to die so many times with such enraginng vocals, the fusion of metal and electronic music is refreshingly stimulating.

Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas Genre - Electro-hop
Why they don't make songs like this nowadays. All this trap/dub/chill/ambient/summer "mixes" ain't healping anyone. Such clean rhytmic beats and techincally perfect vocals clear your head while being immensly energetic.

Iron Man - Black Sabbath Genre - Heavy Metal
One of the most guitar heavy metal songs with so many iconic riffs. Everyone seems to know and love iron man. Sinister intro, sparse vocals to spice things up, and gradually intensifying segments. The first gear shift comes at 3:13 and blows everything out of space!!! I've made so many pr's in this solo segment and the second one from 4: 45 is HEAVY, really dense. One of my all time favorites.

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