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Lifting Motivation Volume 1.

These are 10 hand picked tracks for lifting/workout motivation. Even after hundreds of hours with them, their stimulating potential hasn't diminished. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are legendry in their own right. Just 10 songs you should add in your workout playlist, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Back For More - Five Finger Death Punch Genre - Heavy Metal
So instantaneous that from the first second it gets you ON! sparse grunty vocals, the drums never miss the aggresive rhythm, the riffs are intense enough to provoke adrenelanine out of your glands.

Can't Be Touched - Body Head Bangerz Genre - Hip Hop
The chorus of yeh yeh yeh yeh gets the blood pumping. The harsh, angry and ceaseless vocals are the prime driving force. Lyrics are apt and relatable. can't be touched, can't be stopped, can't be moved, can't be shook, we HOT. if you know what they mean.

Sabotage - Beastie Boys Genre - Rapcore
Those thudding drums and screaming sharp vocals evoke a visceral urge to lift shit up and put them down like BAM! There is a lot of scratching and pull going on. It's Dense, Coarse and uplifting. Blocks out naggings of the mind and the funky grooves are elating.

Back in Black - AC/DC Genre - Hard Rock
Need i say anything more about the infamous opening guitar riffs from back in black. Even Tony stark(Iron man) loves them. Although, no one seems to talk about how complementry and precise the drums are. The guitar solo at 1:54-2:30 is stuff of legends, psyches you up like that! High Pitched rowdy vocals only make the whole song more piercing. One of the greatest Hard rock songs ever.

Face The Pain - Stemm Genre - Hardcore Metal
The quintessential UFC song. Most Intense Song on this List. Almost too intense if you're not feeling it or not in the zone yet, meaning it for PR max attempts, it's for grinding out those last nightmare sets. It's so dense that you might miss your bones cracking under the weight. Those grunts are animalistic, full of rage and very powerful.

Ruff Ryders' Anthem - DMX Genre - Hip Hop
It's named Anthem for a reason. The enthusiasm in the vocals is contagious. Rhythmic Chorus just keeps you going. The drops are flat and provide a down to earth gritty feel. After 2:40 it goes total gangsta and shit, nigga.

Prodigy - Firestarter Genre - Hardcore Techno
With thick english accent, the vocals are a fresh breeze in the Harcore metal/rock/punk scene. It creates a vaccum, sucks you in and then propels you forward with great force. The electronic scrathces are addictive, and it's the second most Intense song on this list with snarling bass all the way.

Dirt Off Your Shoulders - Jay Z Genre - Rap
Energetic tempo, funky drops and groovy lyrics. Great for warming up and chilling between sets. One of the best flowing raps from Jay Z. Uplifting without being agressive and has a whole sexual energy thing going on. oomph.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC Genre - Hard Rock
The sheer emotional pull in the vocals is enough to enrage you, combined with the filling bass and overpowering guitar riffs it is one of my personal favorites. The solo from 2:07 is one of the most incideary ever.

Dysfunctional - Tech N9ne Genre - Hardcore Rap
Rapildy shifting speed and rhythm of the Rap is enough to get your going. One of the most vocally gifted rapper in all his glory. Totally energising.

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