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Cardio Motivation Volume 2. Cardio Playlist.

These are 10 hand picked tracks for moderte intensity cardio/jogging/any activity from the 1st & 2nd classification here. Even after hundreds of hours with them, their soothing and driving potential hasn't diminished. The focus is on moderate rhythmic stimulation and enjoyability here, for boredom is the prime enemy of a cardio session. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are great songs in their own right. Just 10 tracks you should add in your running playlist, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots Genre - Rap rock
The vocals have a peculiar urgency to them, makes you run fast from the issues stressed in the song. The rhytm is perfect for a moderate intensity cardio session. This white boi can rap or what.

Tush - ZZ top Genre - Blues Rock
One of my favorites. Tush is a classic in every sense imaginable. Damn that Bass guitar from the world Go. Complemented by hungry, yes hungry vocals it stimulates you to push harder in it's own peculiar way. The solo from :052 is legendary.

Astronomia - Tony igy Genre - Electronic Trance
The sublime drop at 1.03 is paced nicely then the tempo keeps escalating in the same groove. Very progressive vibe with machine like consistency. One of the perfect songs to do cardio to, minimal vocal input lets you get in sync with the beats. just keep going on and on and on and on..

In da Club - 50 Cent Genre - Hip Hop
Who hasn't moved some or atleast bobbed head on this iconic groove of 50 cent. very mellow but rhythmic vocals puts you in the mood of some slow grinding right way. Great for warming up and maintaining a casual pace while enjoying it.

Hot for Teacher - Van Halen Genre - Hard rock
I challange you to find a song with stronger intro drum than "hot for teacher". F_ck electronically synthesized "rapid" dark trance beats, this is da shizz. Then there's vicious riffs to get you psyched up to the max.

Work Hard Play hard - Wiz Feat Genre - Rap
Talk about work ethic. Talk about killing it at your work so that you can enjoy to the fullest later. The drops are nice but the song has a background low frequency humming bass that just fill the hearts up with tremendous zeal.

Me, Myself and I - G-eazy x bebe rexha Genre - Pop Rap

Some eminem-esque shit happening here by G-eazy, gritty and motivational. bebe rexha nails it though with her raspy, almost aching vocals. It puts your mind off from your own aching calf. keep it real, yo!

Remember the name - Fort Minor Genre - Rap Rock
One of those full throttle songs which can bring back failing determination midst a training session. I can train on this and only this song for hours. The beats, the drops, the vocals; the lyrics everything is dailed to stimulation perfection.

Don't phunk with my heart - Black eyed peas Genre - Funk rap
Blast from the past mate. Super sultry vocals, the rap part is typical black eyed peas i.e consistent with a groovy rhythm without being overpowering. Has a ticklish dance hall feel to it.

Enter Sandman - Metallica Genre - Heavy Metal
If this can't get you to run like crazy nothing will. The harsh, almost angry vocals enforces the atmosphere even more. The intro is iconic and the solo from 2:40 is devastating.

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