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Cardio Motivation Volume 1.

These are 10 hand picked tracks for moderte intensity cardio/jogging/any activity from the 1st & 2nd classification here. Even after hundreds of hours with them, their soothing and driving potential hasn't diminished. The focus is on moderate rhythmic stimulation and enjoyability here, for boredom is the prime enemy of a cardio session. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are great songs in their own right. Just 10 tracks you should add in your running playlist, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent Genre - Hard Rock
Starting with authoritative riffs and fast paced drums it never loses the mark. Vocals are pleasing and trance inducing. The guitar solo at 1:45 - 2:05 is signature stuff. Gets more intense as end approaches.

Bonfire - Knife Party Genre - Dubstep
Any dubstep songs thrives on bass and drops but when those drops are not absurdly overpowering, a head thumping song emerges. The bass waxes and wanes in a controlled manner making it ideal for cardio.

Rap God - Eminem Genre - Rap
When eminem raps 97 words in 15 seconds, it's indeed "supersonic music". His angry voice and rhythm is enough to get anyone going. the lyrics has it, it is elevating music. Just want you need to stave off the boredom while doing cardio

Slow Ride - Foghat Genre - Hard Rock
Those carefree drums in the start and the otherwordly rhythmic bass. Seriously, no rock song has such exquisite bass guitar. Funky piano notes and one of the most technically sound vocals makes it stuff of legends.

Sunshine - Atmosphere Genre - Hip Hop
One of the most chill and meaningful songs you can do cardio to. strong thumps and melodius tunes create a concoction worth admiring. The lyrics are totally relatable and motivating in their own right.

My Generation - The Who Genre - Rock
Raspy Teen Angst in the vocals, Constant Dance Rhythm, very sweet and sparse piano notes give it a youthful bounce.

Intense - Armin Van ft Miri Ben Genre - Trance
It builds so slowly with a melancholic tint supported by great Violin in the start. As the first beat drops at 1: 27 it never loses pace for full 7 minutes. Will clear your mind of any distractions, will make your legs pound the pavement like a machine.

Temperature - Sean Paul Genre - Dancehall
Forget the trolling on teh interwebs about "temperature", everyone loves the ridiculousness of this song. It grows on you, extremely cathcy and refreshing. The nasal jamaican vocal can sure do rise the temperature.

Talk Dirty To Me - Poison Genre - Glam metal
So direct, so foreful, so enigmatic. One of the most famous metal song playing over radios even today. The guitar solo at 2: 20 is so alluring that i sometimes get lost in it and sprain my ankle.

Honey Claws - Digital Animal Genre - Electronic
Energetic tempo, funky drops and groovy vocals. Animalstic howlings combined with overpowering bass sets the mood for a brutal cardio session. That signature digi digi digi digi digi digi digi, though.

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