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420. Blaze it. Volume 3.

These are 10 more hand picked tracks for setting the atmosphere right in a smoke session. Just so you know, there are thousands of songs with "weed/strain name/dedicated to smoking" kind of titles but only a handful are dope enough to enhance the smoking experience. Rest of the songs only glamorize, praise or bash it. The stuff here is frankly Gold. It's all about Vibes when we partake in Ganja. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are legendry in their own right. Just 10 utterly dope songs you should listen to while toking with friends or alone, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Graceland - Paul Simon Genre - folk pop
One of my favorite classic folk pop song. Man, this song is so chilled it can bring down livid monsters. While typical "chill" songs use pause, gaps and piercing drops, graceland is sublimly upbeat with magical vocals. yes, magical. life is perfect when you're couch locked with a deep stone while graceland is playing in the backdrop.

Antennae - We Got The Power Genre - Acid Crunk
So many nostalgic memories with this one. Very shrill yet sweet vocals. Them liquid piercing drops just melt our stoner brains. The bass is tight and evocative, big woofers recommended. Trip like we do, hit like we do.

Alesso vs OneRepublic - If i lose Myself Genre - Pop rock
One of the party friendly hip songs. Also great to have great-time with your significant other. Vocals are soothing, with chilled pace all along. Don't expect to trip on it, though, just enjoy while it lasts. Don't we all doing just that with our lifes.

Pink Floyd - Great Gig in The Sky Genre - Psychedelic Rock
They were some sad-sad bastards, to be able to come up with something like this. They're practically lamenting, and what a beautiful cry that is. For those sad lonely nights when you just want to get it out of your system. I've tripped so hard on this one so many times, goddamn.

Alice D feat antennae - Raindrops on Roses Genre - Acid Crunk
This "experience" gets me high without any weed, nigga. Them loopy drops with slurry childish vocals induce a cathartic trance. For someone with deep-seated issues it can backfire. It makes you laught uncontroablly after that, though. Also, watch the video in 720p. thank me later.

Rustie - After Lights Genre - Dubstep
Chill beats and Atomic drops. Seriously, the drops are too powerful for playing out loud in midst of "civilzed" citizens. Has a hazy backdrop depth which lets you sink in deep if you feel like dissolving. Can induce hysterical laughter in group of stoned buddies, those drops are that bomb.

Marooned - Pink Floyd Genre - Psychedelic Rock
When any band goes that slow and that deliberate, it only means that they're high as a satellite while performing the song plus they've great confidence in their artistic vision. One of the most sublime, ethereal tunes to contemplate to, after getting stoned to the bone of course.

Calvin Harris - Thinking about you Genre - Electronic Pop
Another uber chilled song with summer vibes. What makes it stand out is the perfectly suited vocals. Great for driving on a cold summer night and of course in a party setting. The way it keeps the beats bubbling constantly is DOPE af.

Roll up - wiz Khalifa Genre - pop-rap
Typical wiz kahlifa but with a more upbeat premise. Enjoyable sober as well or with a sativa joint in the braod daylight, get in the groove, get shit done. Looks like this playlist is getting summer heavy. All good, earlier volumes were too trippy.

Imagine - John Lennon Genre - Pop rock
So melancholic and so beautiful that it hurts from the first second but i can't keep myself from listening to it. Such thoughtful message, such vision in the lyrics. A song hitting home the world view of stoners in general.

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