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420. Blaze it. Volume 2.

These are 10 more hand picked tracks for setting the atmosphere right in a smoke session. Just so you know, there are thousands of songs with "weed/strain name/dedicated to smoking" kind of titles but only a handful are dope enough to add to the smoking experience. Rest of the songs only glamorize, praise or bash it. The stuff here is frankly Gold. It's all about Vibes when we partake in Ganja. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are legendry in their own right. Just 10 utterly dope songs you should listen to while toking with friends or alone, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Tagerine Sky - Kottonmouth Kings Genre - Psychedelic hip-hop
The intro is killer, the most chilled one in my recent memory. Has chilled & laid-back party vibes after that. It is one of those synergetic songs amplifying the pain mitigating potential with Indica strains.

Blueberry Yum Yum - Ludacris Genre - Hip hop
Named after one of the best sativa strains with sweet tunes and rooooolllllinnggg vocals creating a haze of it's own. Borderline weird while sober making it even more enjoyable stoned.

Ganja Smoke - Ziggy marley Genre - Reggae rap
Jamaican vocals talk to our stoner souls so naturally. Despite having minimal instrumental input, it delivers with high people coughing, talking, moaning and demanding more weeeedddddddd.

Kashmir - Led zeppelin Genre - Progressive Rock
Plenty stoners swear by it. Kashmir is best used at high volumes in a puff-puff pass session, haven't tripped on it, though. It grows on you partly due to it's 8 minute length and part because of the loopy riffs.

Legalize it - Peter Tosh Genre - Reggae
Don't ever play in intolerant public places. Perfect for a soothing couch locked sinking experience. It can only be defiend as musical genius when a song err pro-pot propoganda? from 1976 persists even today.

Medicated - Wiz Khalifa Genre - hip hop
Chill beats and hazy backdrop along with ever high khalifa's vocals give Medicated an edge over generic "weed" songs. Best suited on a sativa high while you're busy enjoying something else. It just jells with anything.

Hillbilly Man - Gorillaz Genre - Trip Hop
Those THICK dragging drops just melt my brain when i'm high, and not in a bad way. The ceaseless sawing going on after 1:02 is trippy af. Vocals are sparse and have a mystical undertone.

Know Why - Kid Cudi Genre - alternative rap?
One of my favorites. I challange you to find a song so upbeat yet so mellow as Know why. The vocals are a mix between reggae and west coast rap, the tunes so sweet and tight at the same time. Peculiar stoner masterpiece.

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Genre - Psychedelic Rock
Soothing vocals and even more soothing instrumental sections. The solo stretch in the end is epic, there's no other way to describe it. Great for a contemplative experience late in the night. One of the timeless classics, what more can i say.

Baby Blue - Badfinger Genre - Pop rock
So melancholic and so beautiful that it hurts from the first second but i can't keep myself from listening to it. A song dedicated to loves of our lives; for some it's sinsemilla.

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