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These are 10 hand picked tracks for setting the atmosphere right in a smoke session. It's all about Vibes when we partake in Ganja. This is not a "top 10" list, each one of them are legendry in their own right. Just 10 songs you should listen to while toking with friends, there will be other volumes coming soon. More choices and more power to you!

Collie weed - Barrignton Levy Genre - Reggae/Dancehall
Man, only listening to this one will get you high. Soooo trippy. Feels in daa-tune. If i had a cent for every joint i smoked on Collie weed, i wouldn't be compiling such lists on interwebs (read hunting more exotic strains in the wild).

Purple haze - Jimi Hendrix Genre - Psychedelic Rock
Named after one of the best sativa strains, talking about purple haze in brain while kissing the sky, so high. The riffs are so unique and crisp everyone seems to love them. Not to be used with an Indica smoke session, though. Can induce paranoia in couch-locked stoners.

Sticky Icky - Bizzy Bone Genre - Gangsta Rap
Almost bizzare while listening to sober. Once the sensimilla hits you the song has a strange sinking effect, it will absorb you in it's honey laced radical beats.

Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz Genre - Trip Hop
Can induce funny auditory hallucinations, or is it really monkeys shrieking. Mannn, what a trip. One of the most refreshing electronic hip-hop songs with husky soothing vocals. Tripy drops and loopy beats, perfect combo for inducing uncontrollable laughter in stoners.

Fried Day - Bizzy Bone Genre - Trippy Rap did i just made this one
I don't give a F_ck what critics say about Bizzy Bone's album, this song is DOPE. It's so sublime that many stoners listen to fried day on repeat for hours. it's so loopy that i often get lost in it. Many guys claim this song turned them into stoners. Enjoyable even while sober, listen to it already.

The crossroads - Bone Thugs n Harmony Genre - Hip Hop
Supposedly the song is about love and afterlife reunion. To be honest, it is a dyed-in-wool stoner song culminating into sprituality and maybe God's vision and stuff. If anyone says to you that Hip-Hop got no chill, just make them listen to The Crossroads. It epitomizes chill.

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Genre - Psychedelic Rock
This one's special. A transcendental experience if you will. A perfect song for the day of initiation, if a first time smoker let himself dissolve on this consider him initiated.

Soundtrack 2 my life - Kid Cudi Genre - Rap
Energetic tempo, funky drops and groovy lyrics. Great for starting up a session or driving while toked. Very sativa heavy vibes, all in all a great stoner song.

Let Her Go - Passanger Genre - Folk Rock
The sheer emotional pull in the lyrics is enough to put you in a feels trip, combined with jamaican/english (i'm unsure) vocals it's a soothing and healing experience for broken hearts.

Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath Genre - Psychedelic rock
A mellow song to space out to, to fall asleep to, to delve deep into dark corners of subconscious. When you're deeply locked in a indica high, Planet carvan can take you onto unexpected journeys.

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