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The Tree Of Life movie Review

The tree of life is not for everyone, it tests the patience of even the most forgiving “slow-burner” enthusiasts. It is very heavy on self-indulgent symbolism with oodles of breathtaking psychedelic imagery.
scene from the tree of life, one marvellous nebulae
The first 30 minutes are a splendid spectacle created by universe while creating itself. From nebulae to galaxies, from starts to amoeba and dinosaurs. Everything pans out in a goose bump inducing experience.

This universal macrocosmic creation is accompanied by sparse background voice of a mother trying to reconcile with God over her son’s death. Does God watches us every second? Does he keep account of all our misdeeds?
asking god for answersreconcilation with god. scene from the tree of live movie The answer is in the unfathomable size and extent of the Universe itself; maybe God can’t hear us, the miniscule beings, over the galactic thunders and solar storms of his own creation.
veins on a throbbing heart are no different than veins on a leaf veins on a leaf looking aesthetic veins over a heart and veins over a leaf The parallel is drawn quite a few times between primitive organic life and human existence. Well, we are organic and decaying beings as well, but we overcomplicate this whole process by attaching our existence on materialistic things and other human beings, assigning them value and meaning. God (universe), being the sole creator and destroyer of all that there is, knows no such distinction.

a jelly fish in all it's glory a women in wedding dress under water is similar yet no match to the beauty of a jelly fish a women in wedding dress under water is similar yet no match to the beauty of a jelly fish. The movie starts with a monologue explaining the two distinct paths to life: the path of Grace and the path of nature. Path of Grace Loves, accepts, forgives and lives in joyous wonder over the beauty of every flower, every being, and every ray of sunshine. Path of nature is full of deceit, dominance, revenge, hatred and dissatisfaction. The character of Brad Pitt is on the path of nature and his wife, the lamenting mother is onto grace. His tendency to “lord over” and the abusive obsession with discipline scarred the psyches of the kids, resulting into the eldest falling in an oedipal rut.
scene from the tree of life movie where brad pitt talks about fierce will and dominancefrom posture to greetings, everything should be as per father's instrcutions The symbolism here is that when we try to control or mold our destinies in any shape or form it consumes us, narrows our vision and we are rendered incapable of following the path of grace.

Very deep, very thoughtful and very spiritual; but it’s pretentious and too sleek to be taken seriously. If it was not for the splendid and extraordinary VFX, the whole movie could be summarized as: “On the Universal scale, our lives have no inherent significance any greater than the next plant. To alleviate the sufferings and tragedies of human existence, path of grace is our best bet”.

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