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Spectre 2015 Review

Spectre 2015 Spectre is full of surprises, good ones at that. Glad I didn't went from the mainstream reviews for spectre is hugely underrated. Another lesson learnt, watch movies at random, the snobbish debauchery of only viewing highly rated ones is faulty and counterproductive of what reviewing stands for. For the more tasteful bond fans, this one can be summed as an improved reboot of Diamonds are forever!

The first 15 minutes are typical big bang Hollywood with all the bells, whistles and fireworks. I was like yeah, now it would slow to a crawl with a same 15 min action fiesta returning in the closing scenes but no! Spectre has more to offer. It has class, muted humor, plenty of heart pounding action sequences and a star cast exciting enough to get some undies in a knot. The sex scenes are original and more passionate than some of the previous Bond films as well.

Though it doesn't succeeds in providing closure for the longer story arch of the Bond franchise and the clichés are same as ever, the implementation of it all in a more believable veneer works for me and sure will work for Bond fans. What it lacks in wit or originality it makes up by a mile in style and sophistication. The point is that Bond franchise is inherently vacuous. It's mindless fun, if you approach it with a critical eye you're bound to be disappointed. Critics cry over how Bond comes out unscathed from every disaster. Yeah bitches just look at him and admire. Bond is 007 for a reason!

Spectre surprised me with some of the subtle enjoyable moments which will clearly go amiss on the audience at large and the critics would be too stiff to notice these subtleties for their minds are made to dwell on the "ludicrousness" from the start anyway. It stretches tad too long at 2 hours 27 minutes but the pace was fast enough to not let me regret sitting through it even for a second viewing.

Coming to the disappointing stuff now, Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser, the King Pin, is lame. He's one of the best actors worldwide, from Inglorious Bastards to Django Unchained his performances were always memorable. Waltz is off his game in Spectre, awfully banal. The lead woman, the bond girl Léa Seydoux is just a walking pair of exotic European tits. A refrigerator can do better acting than her. Also they tried doing too much in the end, rather haphazardly. The car chases were too Drifty and choke full of CGI, lacks the metal to the wall grit of earlier Bond films. That's just it, grab a bucket of snacks and scratch your balls through it. you'll have a good time!

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