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Southpaw 2015 movie Review

great white hope winning another title match. a scene from southpaw movie. The story of 34-0 light-heavyweight champion Billy “the great” hope, who after an “accident” loses all the hope in the dungeons of self-loathing and melancholy. BUT he will make a comeback just like in a good ol’ cliché fiesta!
from riches to rags. all wealth went to auction in a few weeks. scene from southpaw movie

Jake Gyllenhaal is such an accommodating actor, I mean look at his work in Nightcrawler, Donnie Darko, and Prisoner; but this movie fails him. Either it’s the underdeveloped script or the lack of directorial vision. He’s a treat to watch nonetheless, not to forget the conditioning and leanness he brings to the screen. There are enormous plot holes, more like logical fallacies which are a norm in mainstream entertainment( they just assume you’re too stupid to notice).

there are a lot of parallels to be drawn with Rocky, the southpaw thing( reverse in this movie, which makes the name strange), the cleaning after amateur punks in the gym, love-of-the-life kind of thing. Why all the “great white hope” boxers are so hopeless romantics!

now about the boxing, billy hope had a no defense strategy which won’t work since you’re fighting in the light-heavyweight division, pound-for-pound these guys are lethal.

beat him all you want. hope likes a bloody grin. scene from southpaw movie The ring action is decent and one low stakes charity fight showcased good technicality and was better than the Final Fight. Go figure! this is quite common, though. Almost every fighting movie focuses more on the emotional issues and camera pans outside the ring a lot in the final fights, instead of focusing on what’s going inside the ring. No one fights just for the sake of fighting, right? *fight club intensifies*

Hope’s daughter is so weird, you gotta see her tantrums while she wants us to take her as an “adult”. His comeback Coach is one peculiar character and brings some freshness to the otherwise stale affairs.
wise old black man talking shit about shit. scene from southpaw movie

stopping the finger pointing here, I would say that it wouldn’t hurt not seeing southpaw. you can see it for lack of anything better to do.

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