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Slacker 1991 movie Review

Slacker is an experimental approach to film-making, an obvious fact considering it came from the Linklater cannon. Many of his works are intellectual masterpieces and his style is always refreshingly different, take Before Sunset for example. I’ve so many good things to say about Slacker, let’s just start with that it is remarkably transparent. You can see whatever you want to see in it oh so very clearly. It is a perception alignment tool if you want, show this movie to various persons and let them explain what they think this movie was about.
richard linklater himself 
talking about theory of multiverse continuity of the same scene from slacker 1991 movie. every thought creates it's own reality
I don’t know how the “actors” managed to be just themselves so convincingly, there is not a shred of acting. It is as real as real life can get. Various lives, various people, each with their own approach for the same agenda, each playing the same game at different levels equipped differently, passing swiftly in and out of the frame, ever so energetic, ever so enigmatic, going through the same drudgery that is life.
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Slacker can also be appreciated as a meditation on existentialism and the will to live. The characters are buzzing with energy and talk ceaselessly, almost as if everyone in there is on cocaine or amphetamines and that’s utterly captivating and amusing at the same time. scene from slacker 1991 movie The contrast in personalities is highlighted out so effortlessly that it never gets even familiar for a minute. As it approaches end, the sheer uneventfulness of it and considering how good it was, might leave you with a dull ache.
Truly, the best way to define Slacker is Life as it is. Everyone is trying to make sense of it, trying to get something out of it, the destination or eventuality takes a back seat in the ride of life and oh, what a bittersweet ride that is.a ripe old man records his life lessonslife is a pain in the ass, but that pain only sharpens our instinctual will to live

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