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The Nice Guys 2016 Review

I don't know if this is pressure from the golden age of Television or the mainstream is getting it's shit together in shame or both but Hollywood is pumping up consistently watchable movies this year. Nice Guys is one of the better ones from this lot. The anything goes hilarity coupled with a mature though fleeting look at the perpetual ills of the world made me laugh out loud and approve of its premise.

From the minute it starts you know that this is some ludicrous shit, funny as hell but nothing heavy. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are phenomenal in their roles, contrasting with sizzling chemistry. A treat to watch, really. Feisty and good hearted Daughter of Gosling though, takes the cake as far as acting goes. This is a well made film with plenty of goofiness in the mix. The plot in the plot to do an expose by a porno movie where the point is the plot is very meta indeed.

In simple terms, a gore and trash fiesta with a solid thought provoking message is the way you can sum up the nice guys. It gets meta because the exact same thing is supposedly going on in the plot! Unbelievable coincidences but the things seldom turn out as planned, just like in real life. Now coming to things i didn't like. Matt Bomer as an assassin is not believable at all. Just before the satisfying end, the movie on a whole steered too much towards slapstick.

That's just it though, The Nice Guy is the kind of movie which has something for everyone. You will laugh, you will lust, you will think and you will love it a little by the time it's closing up. I'll definitely watch it again and I strongly suspect that in future, the nice guys would be a cult classic. Most people are looking at it rather superficially. Deep down where it counts, it's really really NICE!

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