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Milk 2008 movie Review

Milk is a historical drama based on a true chain of events starting from the gay refuge in Castro district, crescendoing into a nationwide proverbial closet rupturing and ushering of gay rights movements. Carlos was a block somewhat tolerant to gays in the largely intolerant San Francisco city, go figure! The Times they-are-a-changin’.
a jock chasing a twink. a scene from milk a jock chaging a twink in the streets of Castro.

Shot with passion and the cause in mind, it delivers through the anchoring and utterly adorable performance of Sean pen (Harvey milk) and some other quirky homosexuals. There is too much men-on-men “action” for heterosexual tastes, though.
harvey and scott in candid moments. a scene from milk continuity of the same scene from the movie milk 2008
A colleague of Harvey says somewhere that “you’re not like the other homos, are you?” An observation well made because, except Harvey and Scott, most of the other homos in the movie are obnoxious. We get it, you’re gay but there is more to a person than his sexual orientation. If your existence is solely defined by being a “queen”, then there is something truly wrong. Faggot.people hate faggots for
 a reason?

Milk is long and nicely paced, you won’t get bored but don’t expect an enthralling and edge-of-the-seat drama either. The determination and uproarious excitement in the marching crowds are contagious enough to be relatable within the larger context of social movements.

The ending comes out poignant and free from any guilt or mourn trap for the martyred Harvey milk. As the credits roll, a realization may dawn upon you that the problems of our society are so deeply entrenched that factional social movements aren’t enough. If a lawyer can have the audacity to make such claim in the court of law then my friend, we’re eternally fucked in the status quo.
dan white's lawyer claims that
his diet of junk food created a chemical imbalance leading to the killing. true story.
A must for homosexuals and anyone interested in the history of gay rights movements and the first openly gay elected man to the public office. Skip if faggots freak you out. It is what it is.

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