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Hard Candy 2005 movie Review

When the movie started I was mildly impressed by the director’s work. Creating such a sleazy and uneasy atmosphere without giving up what we’re getting into is a job well done, that feeling didn’t last, though. A movie abusing logic so blatantly and having such a bizarre premise that it can only be explained as either an exercise in hypothesis or happening in the wet dreams of Third-wave-feminists is bound to throw us off the “scent”!

thonggrlll wants to hook up. scene from hard candythonggrrll is showing off her hard, petite body. a scene from hard candy movie
If a “Thongrllll14” agrees to hook up with you and then teases you relentlessly by flashing like that on the very first “date”, what would be your impression of her? A Total Nymph I preassume. This is not even the start of it, she then provokes you to kiss her foot and wants to get in your car “so bad” in the eagerness to reach your place/crib.

it's not about sex but your dick is big. scene from hard candy movie. self explanatory scene from the movie hard candy
desensitizing the crotch of her victim via ice pack She is so appalled by the pedophiles that she ties them down, shave their pubes and compliment on their “size/built” before castrating them. She performs this act of abomination while acting like a psychotic obnoxious bitch and insinuating male pejoratives like all guys are wankers, all guys have secret porn stashes, all guys are brought up to be sex maniacs!
guys have porn around. scene from hard candy
Even in a span of 100 minutes it managed to bore the hell out of me with that dull and superficial acting, annoyed me with its nonsensical blunders and “shake-in-yo-face” camera maneuvers supposedly there to signify intense action but creating just another nuisance. I only sat through the entirety of it because I had to write a review for you guys.
Absolutely skippable, a blotch on the good name of Indie movies and a prominent example of how biased and subjective filmmaking is a disaster of gigantic proportions.

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