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Deadpool 2016 movie Review

I had such high hopes from Deadpool, a critically acclaimed audience’s favorite funny, gruesome and Balls-to-the-Walls action flick seemed outrageous fun. Boy, was I disappointed. Ah, disappointment is an understatement. In the light of the success and praise lauded on Deadpool I found it embarrassing overall.
colosus saying shit in his monotone annoying and boring voice
Overall being the operative word here, the Glorious cliché busting first 15 minutes are the Highlight of the movie. Where every dialogue is funny, a blistering fast action sequence is conveniently placed, an unprecedented CGI slo-mo sequence is also present in those oh-so-great moments. Only if Deadpool managed even one-fourth of the initial outburst for its short 100 minute length, I would’ve come out as gleeful as Deadpool wants us to be.

Yeah, I know that Deadpool is being self-aware and calling out routines and clichés along the way, but more often than not it forces you to think whether these meta-clichés are self-aware ironic jokes or lack of creativity smugly sneaking in. In the first few minutes I loved the unconventional approach of playing a sappy song instead of the majestic and heroic marvel intro; and calling out "names" instead of naming the cast and crew while at it.

Now that’s one of the oldest tricks in the mediocre cinema books, give the movie a great start, spend half the budget on those initial moments. Once the audience are reeled in, feed them crap. First impression is the last one, after-all! I don’t think so.

There are several plot holes and that typical “love-story” angle got on my nerves.
When any movie focuses too much on underdeveloped and unwarranted love, it bores us rather than making us feel anything. Then there were BDSM references all too often and even insults didn’t make sense. Seriously, they should have learned something from Deadpool : The Game. It had better dialogues and hell of a lot better action than this movie.

Stop. Overinflating. Movies. If. They. Dared. To. Do. Something. Radical. For. Few. Minutes. For fuck’s sake. Ass-hat/shit-sack/shit-dick/noodle-shit/innie-minnie-shit-shit-mo.

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