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Blood Diamond 2006 movie Review

What a mainstream and typical Hollywood big-budget boom bang fiesta have to do with third-world resource exploitation and Economic Imperialism? Nothing; you might say, it’s just some good ol’ guilt free fun where muricans “win” and never die. You are not entirely wrong, Blood diamond is that and then some; wrapped in a somber package and sparse bold narration, yet staying true to its agenda ever so subtly.
native africans talking about utopian ideal

The most remarkable thing about blood diamond is the cinematography and the post processing. Scenic backdrops of Africa never looked this gorgeous, they have made every frame so vivid and full of life. Heck, even the garbage repository is easy on eyes. Look how aesthetic blowing people up can be if done right! The movie as a whole is a refreshing visual treat if nothing else.
just some visual treats. scene from blood diamond movievisually appealing secen from blood diamond movie

The plot is generic, writing is decent enough. DiCaprio is way off his game in this one. He’s a South African after all with a funny faux accent. I so want to give a huge spoiler right here which will drive my point home but that’s probably the only truly intriguing moment in the movie and serves well the blockbuster agenda. Jennifer Connelly as Maddy is charming and believable. Anyone else isn’t noteworthy.
they both meet here. didn't know africa has such lively beaches.

What I meant by ever so subtly on the blockbuster agenda is the fact that behind that journalism and white people helping black people veneer, the racist undercurrent is ever-present and overwhelming at moments. How Africans (niggers) can’t behave/think/act rationally and are only ruled by visceral instincts/emotions and subconsciously desire “masters” is rubbed in our faces too many times by the second lead Solomon (an African actor) himself. British are a bunch of shady Diamond funnels, South Africans are a bunch of emotionless tools, and Central Africa, of course, is a “godforsaken” continent. BUT everything is being taken care of by the all mighty and righteous UN, UNICEF, and WHO; basically every cog in the American world order.

Overall it’s a failed attempt at visionary and thoughtful cinema. A visually stunning popcorn flix nonetheless.
scenic backdrop from blood diamond movie 2006

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