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Before Sunset 2004 movie Review

I watched Before Sunset without any preconceived notions and ended up surprised, in awe and more surefooted of my love towards “Indie movies”. Indie films work on a very natural and pragmatic level of human experience. Before sunset is 80 minutes of spellbinding meditation on love, desire, fulfillment, and closure.
on the streets of paris talking about love and life. 
scene from before sunset movie.

The most remarkable thing about before sunset is hands down Julie Delphy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she’s perfect in every moment, ethereally beautiful. It’s not only about looks, though. Her exceptionally natural acting skills, the nuance in her body language, the way she glides around streets of Paris constantly talking and saying so much more than just her words could convey.
delphy mimicking the exuberance of american people. scene from before sunset 2004 movie

75 minutes out of those 80 minutes are two educated, well-adjusted, compatible and complementary long-lost “acquaintances” talking incessantly about their lives, the world and that magical and irreplaceable one-night stand which happened in “before sunrise(1995)”, apparently. (have to watch it) The dialogues are lively, intelligent and engrossing. Borderline perfection in the first 40 minutes, after that they delve deeper into romance and reminisce.
life in a communist regime, free from mainstream media indoctrination. scene from before sunset movie

One prominent theme in Before sunset is people are what they are and what they do says a lot more than what they say. Hawke and Delpy don’t proclaim or profess their love for each other but it shows through in every second they’re together. Hawke writes a voluminous book devoting 3-4 years of his life on that one magical night, and she wrote a song while never admitting it’s about them.

Their compatibility and similarity are pronounced in the fact that, she is fascinated by very minute details and being in the moment while his dream project is to work on a book capturing how much detail, and layers of experience of a moment within a moment can exist in a span of 3-4 minutes.
The closing scene is a cliffhanger but satisfying in it’s own right. Need I say more? Worth watching as many times as you like. Oh, you ethereal beauty Julie Delphy.
delphy talking about irreparable damage every hookup causes. we lose a part of us every time we bond with someone new. scene from Before Sunset movie.

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