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Stranger Things season 1

stranger things official season 1 posterIt basically throws you into the retro coolness of 80s while keeping the pace exciting enough to keep you hooked. A true homage to the glorious era of Sci-Fi, the art was perfected back then not much tinkering is needed. Though the biggest strength of stranger things the full review 8.0/10

the good Wife season 1 review

The good wife has so much going on for it and yet it fails to create a lasting impact. Such conundrum demands a closer scrutinization of the nuts and bolts of the show to find out where things got awry. the full review 7.0/10

Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

official cobain documentary poster Montage of Heck is a noisy puff piece which obscures the reality underneath tons of vfx, animation and voice overs of people whom Kurt Cobain hated with passion. It is understandable that a documentary of such high production value has to avoid controversies and be as neutral as possible. How can the irony be lost on them that Kurt Cobain’s life was riddled with controversial.... read the full review 5.5/10

Community season 1 review

fcommunity season 1 official posterCommunity season 1 tv review. Community is as twisted as its premise of individuals forming a community in a community college, who are largely perceived as losers in the non-community-college communities. Like that makes any sense! Their weird but insightfully clever shenanigans have the full review 7.5/10

Deadpool (2016)

official whiplash movie poster Deadpool is being self-aware and calling out routines and clichés along the way, but more often than not it forces you to think whether these meta-clichés are self-aware ironic jokes or lack of creativity smugly sneaking in. I had such high hopes from Deadpool, a critically acclaimed audience’s favorite funny, gruesome and Balls-to-the-Walls action flick seemed outrageous fun.... read the full review 6.0/10

Whiplash (2014)

official whiplash movie poster From the first frame whiplash sets the dark and gritty demeanor, follows through with the same pitch black grittiness till half of its short run of 105 minutes. Dealing with the wretched state of music and the musicians these days, drummers in particular, while trying to elevate jazz music and relive the zenith of the jazz era... read the full review 8.0/10

House M.D season 3 review

house md season 3 official posterThere is this prevailing notion in tv show business that if you won’t evolve season by season audience would jump bandwagons. House went from brutally clever in season 1 to hilarious and emotionally captivating in the second to a generic shock mongering, forcing emotional subplots down our throats in the the full review 7.0/10

Fargo Season 1 in-depth Analysis-cum-review

Fargo offical season 1 posterTruth is always stranger than fiction, I say. Fiction is still constrained by the social-construct we are accustomed to, however outrageous or “monstrous”. A story still has to be something heard of or anticipatable. More often than not, the reality that matters is too perverse and unacceptable to be included into anything of mass circulation. the full review 10/10

Lifting Motivation. Volume 2

Here are another 10 tracks to listen to while lifting. Each one of them are intense enough to put you right in the zone and keep you going sets after sets after that..... read the full Article

All the reviews here are worth reading for their own literary merit, even if you have no interest in the movie or tv show being reviewed.
I avoid writing long essay-like reviews in which the reviewer not only spoils the whole plot pretty much but also etches the first impression of his subjective opinion on our minds. I doubt most people even read them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the snobbish "top-critics" with chain of adjectives! brilliant/dark/poetic/stale/superb/rotten...blah blah blah.
That's just vague and opinionated. Being a follower of Buddhist philosophy, I cherish the middle path. Neither bogging you down in lengthy spoilers nor being so short and vague that you end up with no clue about what’s going on in that tv show/Movie.

I explicitly write about what aspects are worth watching and which aren’t, so you can decide for yourself. Say, too much nudity and gore is a no for me but you might just want to see that! this way you’ll know what are the striking and exemplary features.

Also, worth mentioning is the fact that quality of tv shows vary quite a bit between seasons. Hence, seasons are covered seperately. It’s quite frustrating when our favorite show suddenly goes down the gutter, everyone should know better before investing weeks into them.
Enumerating the cast, crew, director, producer and all the other trivialities generally associated with reviews are included only if pertinent, filling paragraphes with industry-babbel is not my style.

Being a music fanatic as well, i've scoured high and low for great music. Considering the incalculable magnitude of tracks available, we all need authoritative resources to help us narrow down and discover the better stuff. We strive to be one such resource.