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Muscle Gain: Size, Symmetry and proportion.

Muscle Building Guide for Beginners. Part 2.

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Let’s get into the meat of your First targeted ultra-efficient Bulk. Even if you’re not a rank beginner and have trained on & off for years like many guys do with less than ideal results, whether due to a long hiatus or illness/injury this program will get you back into the lifting life again with great results.

What you can expect from this program: 1) 15-20 lbs of weight gain in 3 months/12 weeks at the right places giving you the look plus functional strength of a young Spartan warrior. Most of it would be muscle mass if you follow this guide verbatim. 6-10 lbs of new growth if you’re an intermediate lifter returning after a huge layoff/injury/illness.

2) Strength levels of 75-80% of your Bodyweight in the Big Four aka Bench, Deadlift, Squat & Overhead Press.
60-65% of your Bodyweight in accessory compound lifts like Barbell rows & curls. You can lift even more if you’re carrying more than 15% body fat but I advise against it. Go check your Body Fat % here and if you’re anywhere above the 13-16% range drop the idea of bulking altogether and check out the Strength-Lean program.

What this guide expects from you : 1) you’re somewhere around 10-15% body fat, it will work even if you’re carrying more than 20% but then your hormonal profile would work against you and you’ll get even fatter for there is a lot of eating in the regimen. For more convincing about the horrors of Fat cells check out Once you go fat, you never go back

2) You know how to perform the lifts mentioned herein. You’ve greased the grooves as the strength coaches say. Go youtube the lifts, ask your gym buddy, ask your trainer or whatever. They’re very easy to learn, to be honest, just ask or watch someone who knows what they’re doing instead of trying to figure them out by Trail-&-Error! Don’t worry, though, because this program won’t test your One repetition max and we will not be focusing on strength early on so your joints and connective tissues would be fine. You don’t need a gym to complete any of the programs. Just a bench, a barbell, TONS of weights/plates and a set of dumbell handles.

Everyone knows how to build TONS of muscle if you ask them. Go Beast Mode/Kill it/obliterate muscles/ in the Gym and eat like how your grandmother always wanted you to. 24x7 stuffing food down the gullet. It works most definitely, ask the “permabulkers” aka muscular fat guys. I’m all for Efficiency, though. Ballparking bores me, I strive to be as accurate as an atomic clock. Gaining the maximum amount of muscle mass possible in the shortest period of time with the least amount of efforts is what this Guide is about .

Right here I’ll handle training parameters only, nutrition and other details will be covered in the upcoming parts. The training is set for 3 days a week or EOD(every other day) for the maximum frequency possible while taking recovery into consideration. Research shows that the more frequently a muscle is trained in beginners, the faster is the neurological and motor adaptations.
research paper showing maximum growth in beginners with 3 days a week regimen We learn a new skill by doing it more often, right? Good. So you can set it like |Monday, Wednesday, Friday| or |Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday| or any way you like just make it on alternate days. One Full day of recovery is the key here.

You will be training the whole body in every workout (now this may come off as a shocker to someone reading too much of muscle magazines and mainstream “bodybuilding” websites which are nothing but supplement catalogs. Anyway, whole body compound lifts was the name of the game in the days when steroids were not even discovered yet (pre 1930s era). Strongmen and bodybuilders like Eugene Sandow (1867–1925 the father of bodybuilding), Arthur Saxon( 1878 – 1921), and George Hackenschmidt (1877-1968) peaked way before the invention of steroids and they are the only truly legitimate Benchmarks of Natural Bodybuilding.

Not that all naturals are lying, just that you can never be sure. there are "half naturals", "once cycled", "baby dose cycles" and various other responsible & educated kind of steroid users. You simply can’t use something which doesn’t even exist yet , right? that simple logic clears all the athletes who peaked before 1930s-40s. Pictures of Eugene sandow, Arthur Saxon and George.
picture of eugene sandow in 
1890s. Aesthetic and 
proportionate build aurthur saxon with mighty arms in 1890s George Hackenschmidt looking ripped and huge

You should also notice that all the famous strongman/bodybuilders of that era are aesthetic, symmetrical and strong as an ox. Funny how before 1930s both of these sports were the same because getting strong is the only surefire way to grow and keep growing naturally. Performing strength feats like these guys used to require simultaneous efforts from all the major muscle groups. Yep, Compound lifts baby!

I would also like to point out that most of the sources on Internet say that Steeve Reeves and Reg park were totally natural bodybuilders. They weren’t. Reg park was as big or bigger than self-confessed and proud steroid users like Arnold and other mass monsters of the 1960s. Picture of Regg Park with Arnold.

What sets them apart is the perfect symmetry and proportion of their physiques. Just for someone not in the know; Symmetry means both halves of your body mirror each other as perfectly as possible. Simply put, muscles on the left side of your body are equally developed as the muscles on the right side. Proportion is about our aesthetic predilection to the “Golden Ratio”. Anything that is pleasing to our eyes has that ratio built in its structure. Greeks made buildings, Statues, and paintings taking golden ratio into consideration. It is one of those esoteric mystical shit that pervades the whole universe. Oh well, from incests and flowers to human anatomy and Galactic spin everything is in fixed proportions.

Coming back to Reg park and Steeve Reeves they both were adamant believers of Full Body training routines. They trained only in that fashion and preached everyone to do the same. When you're training the whole musculature, every muscle group gets the right amount of training stimulus for proportionate growth. The supraphysiological(read superhuman) repair and growth possible with steroids ushered the mad volume training regimes where a single muscle is worked a day in "8 hour arm workouts" and the likes. My point being, for building an aesthetic base of well-proportioned musculature and to avoid the shortcomings and pitfalls of a typical newbie as enlisted in the First Part of this series you are going to train full body with identical volume for every muscle group.
Steeve reeves showing off his symmetrical and proportionate physique steeve reeves showing off his symmetrical and proportionate physique
Now that we have a consensus on the type and frequency of training, we will sort out the volume and intensity in the 3rd part.

Check out the Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | & Part 5
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