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Strength Lean Program. Cardio and foreseeable fat loss. Part 4.

Just like any other training or dietary parameter, popularity of cardio has swayed either way from being the poster child for fat loss to being sunned as a catabolizing muscle-eating monster! In the 70-80s the bodybuilders used to lean out by hours of walking on treadmill daily. Though, the overall calories burned.... read the full Article

Strength Lean Program. Setting the Training Regimen. Part 2.

In this part we’re going to sort out the training regimen on this strength lean program. One of the key question of importance that can make or break any leaning out program is that whether training drives the diet or the other way around. Simply put, does the diet should be set to fulfill the training requirements or the training should be modulated around diet/calorific deficit into consideration..... read the full Article

Rapid Fat Loss. Introduction. Part 1.

Before reading this series on Rapid Fat loss, I urge you to consider the fact that this is not for everyone. I almost felt guilty today for bombarding my readers with relentless scientific evidence and proven hardcore regimens without having any modicum of humane sensibility..... read the full Article

Basics of Fat loss. A study in absolute starvation. Part 1.

This article deals with extremely important but often neglected basics of Fat loss. The fact that there is more research evidence and academic literature available catering to fat loss than any other physiological/metabolic change and yet most of the people and “diet-gurus” are clueless/misinformed about the fundamentals baffles me... read the full Article

Muscle Building guide for beginners. The first Phase. Part 4.

Finally, we’re at the point where your mind is primed to appreciate the ingenuity & sheer brilliance of this Beginner’s muscle gain program provided you’ve read the part 1,2 and 3. I could have just made a table with sets and reps scheme without explaining the intricate details and impeccable reasoning being applied behind it; but, that would be me playing God!... read the full Article

Muscle Building guide for beginners. Volume and Intensity. Part 3.

Some quick comments and clarifications about “Volume” and “Intensity” are in order since in this article we’re going to discuss both of these training parameters.Volume is simply how many reps you’re clocking for every muscle group in a workout session and the Intensity is the weight with which you’re clocking those reps. Some sources and research papers consider volume as the total amount of... read the full Article

All about MACROS (macronutrients). Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Part 4.

Finale of MACROs series where you’ll get all the answers in a summarized form along with recommendations. I’m going to divide this article in three possible scenarios of nutritional and metabolic states. First, is Maintenance/Homeostasis/Zero-deficit, the second one is the Overfeeding/Bulk/Beefing up/Calorie surplus and the last “Starvation/cut/calorie deficit/underfeeding/dieting”.. read the full Article

The pursuit of Athletic & Physical perfection is one of the noblest endeavors. This quote by Socrates sums it up succinctly.
I've been applying the most cutting-edge principles extracted from research papers, science journals and wisdom of credible authors in my training. Now on a mission to propagate such valuable information far and wide.

Every article here is written with the purpose of elucidating the well-established scientific principles along with their theoretical implications and practical applications.
I believe in knowing thyself, be it the body or the mind. It’s so much easier to make personalized optimal decisions when you know every biochemical process, every physiological detail and their intricate interplay at a fundamental level, whether it’s about Nutrition, Training or Health in general.

Start with the Fundamentals for I cover a tremendous amount of detail. You would be surprised to know how much misinformation is entrenched even within the most reputable sources as I call them out, along with the topic of discussion at hand.