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Strength Lean Program. Part 5. Timeline setup.

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The last part of this Strength-lean series where a quick recap of all the desirable physiological and metabolic changes will be presented along with the timeframe in which they would occur. Those who skipped the first 4 parts and only want to know what to do can get the desired information from here only. Though, I urge everyone to go through all of the four previous articles plus the interlinked articles on those articles. I always write with leave no stones unturned policy and that results into a web of information, interconnected concepts from various other articles. So, read every article on

Anyway starting from the day of lifting/weights and eating at maintenance.
Note that the times are not rigid, you can sway them either way for 2-3 hours as per your convenience.

Day 1
8 AM : Heavy Carb pre-load breakfast – 75-100 grams of carbohydrates and whatever else tag along fat and protein comes in is alright. Rule of thumb every piece of regular fruit is almost 25 grams of carbs and hence 100 calories worth. I like eating 2 bananas, one apple and one cup of latte. Coffee + fruits is the best pre-workout ever, unless you’re counting “napalm” or other supplement catalogue pre-workouts which have amphetamines mixed into them in minute amounts, go SPEED! This carb heavy breakfast would make you sugary and ready to lift heavy with ample short-term strength reservoir.

8: 30 AM - workout A – Bench-press 7 RM x 4, Deadlifts 5 RM x 2, Barbell curls 7 RM x 4 - Read this To know why only 28 reps per exercise and read this to know what I mean by RM. Additional reading : Why perform compound lifts.

The HEAVY meal - Anywhere from 11 pm to 1 pm is good, you can eat just after wroking out as well. Just make sure to eat more than half of your maintenance calorific requirements. Protein should be around 1 gram / lbs (lbm) and carbs should be at least 3 gram / lbs of lbm on lifting days. Read this article to know how to set-up diet on maintenance. All the calculations are provided there with ample food choices.

Around 6 PM the second heavy meal - Just make sure than the heavy meal 1 and 2 combined fulfills your protein and carb requirements, add in some tasty snacks if the overall calories are getting short of maintenance calories. They usually don’t if you chose natural protein sources (meat) and the tag-along fat that comes with them.

Till now you’re in an anabolic phase, such high carb intake along with maintenance calories keeps your thyroid and leptin at optimum levels, many newbies might gain new muscle mass, the experienced lifters for whom this program predominantly caters to, would maintain all the muscle mass while getting stronger or at-least not losing any strength. Read the part 2 to know why.

The 24 Hour Fast Begins : From 6 Pm to 6 Pm next day you’ll be eating nothing, Black Coffee is your friend, water is your elixir. The effect of prolonged fast is addressed in the Third part of this series, you’ll burn so much fat that you wouldn’t believe the mirror or the weight scale.

Day 2

8 AM – 30 -45 minutes of moderate to low intensity cardio - Have a strong coffee on waking up and just start walking/jogging/shadow-boxing or whatever you can do. Read this article to know about various types of cardio. Low, moderate, High intensity; everything is covered there. Read the fourth part of this series to know how this cardio session would help you tremendously.

The fast from the previous day continues till 6 pm : Most people think - dude, I’ll be dead from hunger. First few cycles would bring you discomfort, that’s for sure because of our pesky biological clocks, our minds create hunger on time we’re accustomed to eat, even if we’re full. Anyway you’ll actually feel sharper after some time with all the adrenaline and GH spikes in your bloodstream.

The eating commences after 6 PM - Now since we’re needing a strong deficit of around 1000 calories at least, and the protein should be at 1 lb / gram, we have to cut carbs. Carbs should around 100 grams. Fill in the rest if there is some calorie quota left with delicacies. Silver lining is that you get to eat all of that in one or two sitting so you might feel satiated. For a DEE of 2500, eating 1500 calories only might be a little too extreme. Smaller deficit would do too but we want fast results, don’t we?

Day 3

everything would be same except the workout. Workout would be B i.e - Workout B – Overhead press 7 RM x 4, Squats 7 RM x 3 , Dumbell Rows 7 RM x 4. Same diet, same everything. Actually it goes without saying that you can use any kind of split, just divide the major muscle groups in two days. Some do it push/pull, some do it front/back. The configuration given here divides the impetus equally plus is great for supersetting - doing one exercise after another in a cyclic fashion. Like one set of overhead press, then move to one set of squat, move to rows, then back to overhead press. That way muscle groups get enough rest between sets and it also makes the whole workout efficient.

Day 4

Just as same as day 2 . No variation on cardio day.

REPEAT . A - cardio - B - cardio - A - cardio - B - cardio - A - cardio -------------------

Check out the Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 & | Part 4of this series.

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