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Fat loss: Torch that unhealthy and ugly Lard.

Strength Lean Program. Part 1. Defining the Problem.

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This is The fat loss program 50-60% of the gym-goers/weight-lifters/wannabe aesthetic cunts need. Why? Let’s break it down. A quick recon in any suburban gym would present a demographic where only 3-5% guys are holding good muscle mass and are lean at the same time, they’re what everyone else subconsciously wants to be. 10-15% are the Big Fat guys who bounce the weight off their tummy and secretly want everyone to call them tank/hulk/annihilator/bull/blah blah but we know them by the name “Permabulkers”.
20-25% are the legitimate newbies, who are either too skinny, or skinny-fat, or just fat af. Morbidly obese fellas should start my Rapid Weight Loss program promptly and those who’re frail by constitution and want to gain 20-25 lbs muscle mass in a short span of time, check out my Beginner's guide for Bulking. The rest 60% of the people fall in the category who’ve been lifting for quite some time, they’re somewhat muscular or really muscular but have quite a thick layer of lard covering those slabs of hard-earned muscle mass.

Why they are stuck there anyway? Well, because it’s not possible to lose fat rapidly while preserving ALL the muscle mass. The basic laws of energy balance and physiology work against you. But we can lose maximum fat mass while losing minimum muscle mass IF we stick to strict scientifically proven principles. The word “strict” being operative here, because it’s not easy. Losing weight is child’s play, gaining those newbie 20 pounds of muscle mass is majorly predictable and enjoyable process.

Things that are real nightmare in the realm of physiology are Peaking naturally i.e pushing around 7-8% body fat while holding the maximum muscular potential AND trying to eke out those last 5 pounds of muscle mass/trying to work on separation and proportion while minimizing fat gain. Both of these processes are incredibly slow and require the patience of a gardener. No wonder there are no naturals on stage.

What we are trying to accomplish here is getting around 10% body fat no matter where you started while holding as much muscle mass as possible. It will take time, the results would be not at all visible unless you reach below 15% body fat, and you’ll feel weak and hungry some of the time. I promise you this, though – this guide will establish the most efficient way to do it. It takes fortitude to surpass the bell-curve. To be exceptional, exceptional work ethic is the name of the game. Just remember, in the immortal words of zyzz “we’re all gonna make it brah”.

It goes without saying that fatter you are more time it will take to hit the 10-12% range, good news is that you can handle a larger deficit in the start at-least. Diet is of secondary importance here, the primary impetus will be on training and metabolic pathway manipulation, the kind of training which would make you burn fat like an inferno while making you stronger or at-least not making you lose strength and by extension preserving muscle mass.

The fad over internet about abs are made in the kitchen, and diet is 90%, training is 10 or something like that are for lazy-ass weak cunts. I don’t want abs if I can’t decimate heavy-weights and few low-life thugs. This fetishization of “Abs” has led to teens starving themselves while being weak as dried sticks. The social praise from other absent-minded degenerates keep feeding their ego, what else you need in life but stroking of the psyche.

Though, it’s possible to preserve muscle mass on an 800 cal liquid diet with Moderate Volume heavy resistance training, as research suggests. It’s not practical long-term, plus with metabolic manipulation in the picture there are less miserable ways to do it. The regimen consists of alternate days of resistance training and cardio plus variable diet accordingly. One day you will be lifting weights, the other day you will be doing moderate intensity cardio. The diet would be highly variable catering to your personal needs.

The why, how, and what of training will be set in the next part. The why and how of diet would be set in the nest-to-next part. Setting the whole regimen in cycles for optimum metabolic output (the real scientific stuff which no one tell you about) would be dealt with in the next-to-the-next-to-next-part. So many promises and I’ve all the intention to deliver. Intentions don’t count, though. Only actions.

Check out the Part 2 | Part 3 & | Part 4of this series.

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