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Fat loss: Torch that unhealthy and ugly Lard.

Rapid Fat Loss. Part 3. Dietary setup and Exercise.

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The subjects of this rapid fat loss case-study are, one a big fella around 280 lbs 6 feet tall and a short lady of 5 feet at 138 lbs. Reason for this stark contrast in weights is to provide a better perspective on the rate of weight loss and to cater to as broad a demographic as possible.

In this article not only we will implement and fine-tune the diet but also set the training regimen. Oh but I said, there would be no training except walking. Well, walking for prolonged periods of time is an effective exercise, second to none if you consider the health benefits. Some might object that, if there’s such a huge calorie deficit to start with, why we need walking at all.

First, Deficit is a relative concept on any diet. For someone with a smaller LBW and hence smaller DEE, the deficit might not be enough to induce the desired rate of fat loss. The calculations will clear it up soon enough. Second, Walking is 100% aerobic hence immensely fat oxidizing. While walking we predominantly burn fat from our bloodstreams.

The value of any interval training, circuit training or any form anaerobic spurts lies in their Fat mobilizing ability i.e to extract fat cells from adipose tissue and mix them in our bloodstreams. The burning aka oxidization of those fat cells is done most efficiently by aerobic training only. The low carb and severe deficit on our “sensible keto” diet takes care of the mobilization part well enough.

While on a rapid fat loss regimen such as this one, our bloodstreams are never devoid of triglycerides (fat cells) to burn. The longer you go without eating, say after sleeping 8 hours or a day-time fast, the larger concentration of triglycerides gets. Our bodies can sure take care of it but in susceptible individuals large concentration of triglycerides is correlated with acute hypertension and shifting of cholesterol profile to the “bad” side.

Now, if you care to read the macros series on Fat, better fat choices can avoid these problems or you can take matter in your hands by oxidizing the fat daily with an aerobic regimen. The only caveat doctors have with rapid fat loss can be eliminated with 30-60 minutes of walking daily. Just walk for 15 minutes in any direction you like and walk back home after that. Literally, thousands of research papers have been published enumerating the health benefits of walking in opena air.
health benefits of walking

I’m not saying that Walking is some sort of magical panacea, it sure can make you healthier but being healthy is just the ground zero. The baseline from which you would embark your fitness journey.

Let’s do some quick calculations now, The big man is to be called “D” and the small round lady is named “V”. Yeah, right. I couldn’t be any more sexist. Assuming 30% body fat in both, D’s lbw = 280 x 0.7 = 196 lbs. V’s lbw = 138 x 0.7 = 96.6 lbs.

Respective DEE’s now. D’s = 196 x 12 = 2352 + DEE due to large fat stores = 280 – 196 = 84 x 3 = 250 calories extra. So net DEE of mr “D” = 2600.
Same calculations on miss “V” would give = 97 x 12 = 1165 + 125 = 1290.
Their Protein requirements at 1 gram/Kg lbw. D’s = 196 /2.2 = 89 grams. V’s = 44 grams.
Carbs are constant at 150 grams, the calories from carbs are 150 x 4 = 600 cals.

Now, for rapid fat loss to happen the minimum calorific deficit has to be more than 1000 a day. Only after removing the calories of carbs; miss “V” is already cutting into the desired deficit. 1290 – 600 = 690 deficit only, on the other hand D’s deficit is 2600 – 600 = 2000. We haven’t even added the protein and tag-along fats yet.

Let’s do that, considering lean cuts of meat with 4 gram fat per 100 gram. D’s requirement of 89 grams can be filled with 89/26 x 100 = 340 grams of it and miss V needs 44/26= 170 grams of meat. The tag along fat in D’s diet = 4 x 3.4 = 13 grams + 1 tablespoon of oil for cooking adds 15 gram of fat.
Total Fat = 13 + 15 = 28 grams. Total Protein = 89 grams. Total Calories from cooked meal = 28 x 9 + 89 x 3 = 520 calories. Still the deficit is 2000 – 520 = 1480. After adding the AEE of walking, D would lose fat like crazy!
nutritional profile of cuts of meats

The same calculations for V would give : Tag along fats: 4 x 1.7 = 7 grams from meat + 8 grams from half tablespoon cooking oil = 15 grams in total. Total protein = 44 grams and total calories = 15 x 9 + 44 x 3 = 270 calories. Her net deficit is 690 – 270 = 420 calories, not too shabby but not ideal for a rapid fat loss program.

So, D’s deficit is more than 3 times the V’s (1480 vs 420). So would be the magnitude of weight loss. I guess, now the “relativity” of it would sink in easily. It would feel more unfair when you consider the AEE element. For 60 minutes of walking D burns : 280/130 x 3.5 x 60 = 452 calories. Pushing his Deficit to 1480 + 450 = 1930!! V on the other hand : 138/130 x 3.5 x 60 = 223 calories, almost half, pushing the deficit to 420 + 223 = 643 calories.

Now, either she substitutes real food with whey protein shakes to maintain the deficit at 1000 cals or do more of the walking, or more conservatively, lives with the lower weight loss rate without blaming this diet or me. D on the other hand would give me a bro fist while munching on a brownie and still losing 4-5 lbs weight every week. man, I should hide my weed brownies in more inaccessible places.
Meet me in the next part for setting up a timeline of this rapid fat loss journey and to know why miss V has an upper-hand in that regard.

Check out the Part 1 | Part 2 | & Part 4| of this series.
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