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Fat loss: Torch that unhealthy and ugly Lard.

Rapid Fat Loss. Part 1. Introduction.

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Before reading this series on Rapid Fat loss, I urge you to consider the fact that this is not for everyone. I almost felt guilty today for bombarding my readers with relentless scientific evidence and proven hardcore regimens without having any modicum of humane sensibility.

The fat loss industry is a multi-billion behemoth, trying to sell you pills to swallow, shakes to gulp down, “low-fat” packaged food items and what not. Basically they’ve established a paradigm where everyone thinks in the term of “what to eat to lose weight”. When the only thing you’ve to do to lose weight is NOT to eat that much.

Some of us have the mental fortitude to keep going in discomfort and pain, some don’t. The reason why fat-loss industry is such a success and fatties seem to struggle so much on a fat-loss program is the same one that made them fat in the first place. Laziness, unnatural obsession with physical comfort and dependence on quick fixes.

It’s almost a trite phrase now, but Fitness is a lifestyle, indeed. You got to commit to clean eating and a regular exercise schedule if you want to be Fit, Healthy and Sexy for all your life. All the regimens here can only put you on the right track as quickly as possible but you’re the one who makes the choice of staying there.

One noteworthy fact for anyone unhappy with their bodies or fitness level is that It always gets easier and you’re going to enjoy every second of it after the initial hurdle. That hurdle is getting you moderately fit, setting a new baseline and helping you realize your true potential.

Another thing that really gets on my nerves is the overblown hype around exercise and eating TONS of greens to lose weight. We hear “success stories” of random people who DID IT! Lost 100 lbs in 6 months by eating super clean, tons of salad and exercising 4-6 hours daily! That’s horse-shit, if fat people had cardiovascular systems fit enough to sustain even one hour of rigorous workout daily they wouldn’t be fat to start with.

And that clean eating and salad bullshit is even more cringe inducing. What if I tell you that I’ve lost 77 lbs (35kgs) of weight while on a fried chicken and cookies diet in 3 months, at a rate of 3 kg(6.6 lbs) every week. Well, it wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t a nightmare either. Also if you care to read the Study in starvation series, mr “X” in there lost 33 lbs in 2 weeks! Go figure.

who this guide is for.

1) Anyone morbidly obese, i.e above 25% body fat. Fatter you are, the better. I was at 30% when I started on this regimen. Check out your Body Fat % here.
2) Anyone who have never played any sports or been into any kind of physical Training. A complete beginner in such matters, lacking any muscle mass beneath those buckets of fat.
3) Anyone who is capable of dedicating a span of two to three months completely on this Transformation. Lack of energy, mood swings, and self-restraint are the buy-ins.

why this guide is the best bet for anyone qualifying those 3 clauses.

1) The only exercise they’re going to do is walk in the mornings.
2) They get to eat whatever they want in limited quantities i.e within the constraints of desired deficit.
3) This guide will make them fit/light enough to follow my other uber-awesome programs in no-time (read faster than anything else).

Before starting with the specifics, I urge you to do all the calculations with me. Grab a pen, paper and calculator. I’ll try to quote from my other articles wherever required but in an ideal scenario where everyone is interested in understanding everything by heart, start with the four-part All about MACROs series. You’ll learn to make better food choices with the help of solid science behind it.
Read the three-part BMR-DEE series to understand the energy dynamics of our bodies and how many calories we burn/need doing anything under the sun.

The calculations we’re going to need are pretty basic.
1) Total Fat mass in your body. Estimate your body fat % and calculate your fat mass by this formula : FW = BW x bf%/100.
2) Your DEE. DEE = LBW x 12 + AEE
3) Personalized AEE for walking and whatever other activity you plan to do in that span.
4) Knowing the calorific value of the food items you’re going to eat after full filing your protein and carbohyrate quota according to guidelines here. MACROs recommendations article. After you’re done with all that, meet me in the next part. We will learn to apply these numbers for setting up our Rapid Fat loss Program. Or just read along, maybe you can pickup from there instead of going through all of these links above.

Check out the Part 2 | Part 3 | & Part 4| of this series.
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