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Tree of life (2011) Movie review

official the tree of life movie poster The tree of life is not for everyone, it tests the patience of even the most forgiving “slow-burner” enthusiasts. It is very heavy on self-indulgent symbolism with oodles of breathtaking psychedelic imagery.... read the full review 7.5/10

Rapid Fat Loss. Dietary Basics. Part 2.

In this part we’re going to set the diet to accomplish the monumental task of getting fatties relatively fit. For someone in the want to label it, we can call the regimen “Sensible Keto”.... read the full Article

Friday Night Lights season 3 review

friday night lights season 3 official posterPartly because of its almost half-length of 13 episodes as compared to the first one, there is no holding back in season 3. It just flows forcefully, glistering in its element, surefooted in its premise and setting new benchmarks of social-commentary and intellectual realism while being addictively the full review 9.5/10

420. Blaze it. Volume 3

Here are 10 tracks to listen to while getting high as a f_cking kite. The focus is on to provide chilled summer palate with some melancholic classcis to balance things up.. read the full Article

Strength Lean Program. Extraordinary tactics. Part 3.

Now that training has been laid out, I can go my usual route of skipping Diet recommendations and point you towards the succinct yet insightful four part MACROs series. But I will not this time, because healthy food choices or the “right” ratio of P:C:F won’t cut it when we strive to leave the ordinary crowd. Exceptional results demand exceptional tactics... read the full Article

Fargo Season 1 in-depth Analysis-cum-review

Fargo offical season 1 posterTruth is always stranger than fiction, I say. Fiction is still constrained by the social-construct we are accustomed to, however outrageous or “monstrous”. More often than not, the reality that matters is too perverse and unacceptable to be included into anything of mass the full review 10/10

Muscle Building guide for beginners. First Bulk Fundamentals. Part 1.

If you haven’t touched weights in your life or never have stuck to a training program for more than two-three weeks then sir, you’re a rank beginner. Funny, how gym rats throw around this term in a derogatory manner for newbies in the gym, while... read the full Article

Estimating body fat percentage (bf%) and calculating Lean Body Weight. Practical Appication. part 3

Finally, we are about to delve into the thick of visual body fat % estimation. I’ll start with the lowest values and point out the most prominent visual attributes for every range ... read the full Article

All about MACROS (macronutrients). Part 4. Summary.

Finale of MACROs series where you’ll get all the answers in a summarized form along with recommendations. I’m going to divide this article in three possible scenarios of nutritional and metabolic states. First, is Maintenance/Homeostasis/Zero-deficit, the second one is the Overfeeding/Bulk/Beefing up... read the full Article

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